Communicating in Healthcare, Certificate (0475)


Program Coordinator

Blair C. Thompson,, (270) 745-3296

The Communicating in Healthcare Certificate is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the role of communication in healthcare contexts. This certificate will explore interpersonal as well as organizational factors affecting healthcare and will assist students in developing communication strategies and skills. Students completing the program not only will understand how to communicate more effectively within their health profession but also will know how better to communicate with patients to maximize compliance and enhance advocacy.

This certificate provides 12 hours of advanced coursework in communication within the healthcare context. Students will take 6 credit hours of required courses related to health communication and health campaigns; 3 credit hours of a restricted elective providing broad coverage of communication within contexts relevant to healthcare such as intercultural, group, interpersonal, and organization communication; and 3 credit hours of a free elective from healthcare administration, public health, or gerontology.

Admission Requirements

  • Submit an academic writing sample from an undergraduate or graduate course.

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (12 hours)

Required Courses
COMM 523Health Communication3
COMM 553Health Communication Campaigns3
or NURS 528 Leadership and Management in Nursing Administration
COMM 528Communication in the Nonprofit Sector3
or COMM 564 Crisis Communication
or COMM 578 Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
or COMM 581 Applied Organizational Communication
or COMM 586 Process of Group Communication
or COMM 590 Intercultural Communication
HCA 540Health Care Organization and Management3
or HCA 541 Strategic Management & Marketing of Health Services
or PH 548 Community Health Organization
or PH 564 Public Health Issues in Women's Health
or PH 587 Health Behavior
or GERO 501 Perspectives in Aging
or NURS 501 Nursing, Politics and Health Policy
Total Hours12