Autism Spectrum Disorders, Certificate (0441)


Program Coordinator

Christina R. Noel,, (270) 745-4255

This 15-hour program prepares students to provide academic, social, behavioral, communication, sensory, and community services and information to individuals diagnosed with ASD and their families. Individuals who complete the program will be knowledgeable about the various disorders included in the spectrum of autism, characteristics, educational strategies, collaboration efforts, communication, and technology skills to be implemented with individuals with ASD.

Enrollment in this program is restricted to post-master's students who have completed a degree in any of the following graduate programs: Education, Literacy, Psychology, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Nursing, Public Health or students currently enrolled in any of these graduate programs.  It may also be appropriate for other post-master's individuals seeking to learn more about individuals who have been diagnosed with ASD.

The program consists of 15 hours of required courses: SPED 610 (prerequisite for all other courses),SPED 612, SPED 615, SPED 618, and SPED 619. SPED 612 requires completion of a 3-hour practicum (comprising at least 120 hours) at an approved site in the field of autism. To enroll in the practicum the student must have completed SPED 610, and the internship site and supervisor must be approved by the program coordinator.

The graduate Autism Spectrum Disorders certificate provides essential information regarding individuals diagnosed with ASD. Students examine research-based practices that have been identified for individuals with ASD as well as learn how to implement these strategies in the classroom and community. Practicum hours will be required.

Program Admission

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (15 hours)

Required Courses
SPED 610Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders3
SPED 612Collaboration with Schools and Agencies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders3
SPED 615Instructional Strategies and Design for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders3
SPED 618Social Skills Instruction & Behavioral Programming for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders3
SPED 619Assistive Technological and Communication Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders3
Total Hours15