Library Media Education, Rank I (0429)


Program Coordinator

Margaret G. Maxwell,, (270) 745-2435

The Planned Sixth-Year (Rank  I) in Library Media Education is designed to enhance and enrich the skills and knowledge of the certified library media or educational technology specialist.


  • Environmental Education (KEV)
  • Gifted Education Endorsement (KE37)
  • Kentucky Computer Technology (KCT)
  • Library Media (LMLM)
  • School Media Librarian (KML)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language Endorsement (KE36)

Program Admission

The Planned Sixth-Year (Rank I) in Library Media Education is open to applicants who meet the following admission requirements:

  • An application for admission to graduate study.
  • Copies of transcripts for all college work.
  • Evidence of Kentucky Rank II status with Kentucky Media Librarian (KML) certification or Kentucky Rank II/5th Year with an Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement.  (Because Rank II status is required and the program is not a degree, no GRE/GAP score is required.)

Applicants with a Fifth-Year (Rank II) in a field other than library media or educational technology must complete the Master of Science degree in LME for initial certification as a Kentucky media librarian at the Sixth-Year (Rank 1) level.

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (30 hours)

The Kentucky Rank I classification for certified school personnel requires the completion of a minimum of either

  1. 30 semester hours of unduplicated and approved credit beyond the requirements for the Rank II classification (Planned Fifth Year-5th Year) or
  2. 60 semester hours of approved and unduplicated graduate level credit including a master's degree. Students may be expected to meet additional admission requirements for additional certifications and/or endorsements, and university certificate programs appropriate to a specialization.

The Planned Sixth-Year (Rank I) program in LME requires 30 semester hours of unduplicated course work in addition to the requirements for a Planned Fifth Year (Rank II), or 60 unduplicated semester hours including a master's degree that includes 12 hours in the Professional Education Component and 18 hours in the Specialization Component.

Required Courses
Professional Education Component
SPED 516The Exceptional Child: Perspectives and Issues3
LTCY 518Literacy Learning and Technology3
LME 519Special Topics in Educational Technology3
LME 550Emerging Technology in Education3
Specialization Component 118
Total Hours30

Courses in the specialization must be approved by the designated graduate advisor based on an applicant's prior experience, previous academic work, and career goals.  Content areas for the specialization may include but are not limited to library media education, educational technology, instructional design, literacy, teacher leadership, adult education, information systems, electronic communication, writing, etc.  Additional endorsements, academic certificates and teacher certifications may include but are not limited to instructional computer technology, school media librarian, gifted-talented education, ESL, reading and writing, environmental education, etc.