Tuition and Fees
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Quoted tuition and fees are based upon the projected Fall 2017 semester rates and are subject to change by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education or Western Kentucky University. Refer to Tuition and Fees for current rate information.

  Per Semester1 Cost Per Credit Hour1
Resident $589
Military Veteran/Dependent Resident $589
Non-Resident (Domestic) $873
Non-Resident (International) $998
Kentucky P-12 Educator $395
Distance Learning (Excluding DNP & DPT) $707
WKU On Demand $589
Professional MBA $5,826
Doctor of Nursing Practice, Resident $663
Doctor of Nursing Practice, Non-Resident $858
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Resident $643
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Non-Resident $833

Graduate tuition and fees are assessed per credit hour based upon the course (i.e. on-campus or distance learning). There is no full-time graduate rate except for Professional MBA students.  Doctor of Psychology and Doctor of Education are assessed at the same rate as graduate tuition.

International graduate students are eligible for tuition scholarships.

Included within the above rates are a $218 Student Athletic Fee, $62 Student Centers Fee, $70 Dero Downing Student Union renovation fee, and $30 Parking Structure Fee, Creason. The fees are prorated to part-time graduate students on a per hour basis. These fees do not apply to the Distance Learning rates, Kentucky P-12 Educator, or Professional MBA.

The Distance Learning Course rate is for all part-time students, regardless of residency, enrolling in on-line, web-based courses. Students enrolled exclusively in distance learning courses will be assessed the distance learning per hour rate regardless of the number of hours enrolled. There is no full-time distance learning rate.

Out-of-State Tuition Waiver: Graduate students who are residents of Macon, Robertson, and Sumner counties in Tennessee are eligible to pay in-state tuition by virtue of a reciprocity agreement.

Residency: The determination of residency for admission and tuition assessment is governed by state regulation 13 KAR 2:045.  As required by this regulation, WKU also has an approved Residency Policy.

Program Expenses

It is the responsibility of the student to consult with the appropriate department/school about potential expenses required for program completion. Examples of expenses for various programs include, but are not limited to criminal background checks and drug testing, liability insurance, certifications, training seminars, transportation, specialized equipment rental, licensure exam fees, and so forth.

Fee Payment

All tuition, housing fees, course or laboratory fees, meal charges, and other assessments, fees and charges are due and payable in accordance with the statements rendered by the appropriate university office.  

Tuition, housing fees, meal plans and other student charges must be paid on the date a student registers or on other dates as specified by the Office of Billings and Receivables. Payment of fees will not be deferred, unless the student participates in one of the approved payment plans as described in the “Payment Plans” section below.

The University expects the students to be financially responsible and not be delinquent in financial obligations to the University or to any department or division of the University. If a student registers and decides not to attend, the student must withdraw from all classes prior to the first day of classes on TopNet or by notifying the Office of the Registrar in writing to ensure that the student will not owe tuition and late payment fees and receive "F" grades. The student is responsible for his or her own enrollment status.

A student who fails to meet a financial obligation by the due date of the notice from the appropriate university official will be subject to regulations promulgated by the University. If the student does not settle the obligation by the date designated on the notice, the appropriate business office shall notify the Registrar. After the Registrar has been notified that a student is delinquent, the Registrar shall not allow the student to register or to obtain an official transcript or diploma until the Registrar has been notified that the obligation has been settled.

The University expects all students to register for classes and pay tuition prior to the first day of class.  A late payment charge of $100 may be assessed for failure to pay by the designated due date. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the student of the obligation to pay tuition and fees by the due date. The University does not mail printed billing statements. All billing is electronic with students receiving notifications through their university-assigned email addresses. As an added service, students can also select a billing email address via TopNet so they can have their account statements sent to an additional email address.

In the event that any tuition, fees and/or expenses are not paid when due, and the University undertakes collection of any unpaid portion, the student shall also be assessed and be responsible for any collection costs and/or fees associated with the collection of the debt including but not limited to: collection agency fees, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.3% of the debt, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and all other charges allowed by law.  Delinquent accounts receivable are placed with a collection agency and/or the Kentucky Department of Revenue and collection fees will be added, increasing the amount owed.  Accounts will also be reported to the National Credit Bureaus.

Doctoral Program Fees

In addition to the program tuition rates, students must pay the following doctoral fees:

Doctor of Physical Therapy, $300 per semester
Doctor of Psychology, $196 per credit hour
Doctor of Education, $196 per credit hour
Doctor of Nursing Practice (MSN-DNP Concentration), $221 per credit hour

Course Fees

Occasionally an additional fee is charged for a specific course. Refer to the Course Fees Chart.

Schedule Change Fee

A $50 schedule change fee will be assessed per course for student-initiated schedule changes. Effective dates for the fee are printed in each term's Registration Guide.

Late Registration Fee

Students who delay their registration until the first day of class or thereafter will be assessed an additional $50 late registration fee.

Application for Graduation Fee

Candidates for graduate degrees and certificates must complete the Application for Graduation available through TopNet and pay the appropriate fee the semester prior to program completion. This fee will cover the cost of cap and gown, diploma, and other necessary expenses.  Applications not received by the Registrar's Office by the due date will result in the omission of the student's name from the commencement booklet.

Degrees are conferred in December, May, and August. Commencement ceremonies are held in May and December. August graduates may participate in either the preceding May or following December commencement ceremony.

Transcript Fee

A $7.00 fee is charged for an official transcript. Official transcripts may be ordered through the Office of the Registrar.


WKU Office of Billings & Receivables
Potter Hall, Room 208
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Summer hours may vary)

  • Cash, check or money order is accepted.
  • Payments must be made in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.
  • Checks should be made payable to Western Kentucky University (postdated checks cannot be accepted).
  • Credit card payments cannot be accepted via phone, on the electronic billing statement, or in the office.  Please refer to the Credit Cards and Electronic Payments options below.


Mail the bottom portion of your invoice with your check or money order. Please make sure your student identification number is written on the check or money order. Always allow at least seven to ten business days when paying by mail. Please do not mail cash. All checks should be made payable to Western Kentucky University.

Mailing Instructions
Always return the bottom portion of the invoice.  The University uses a bank-processing center in Charlotte, North Carolina for faster processing.
Mail check payments to:

Western Kentucky University
P.O. Box 890784
Charlotte, NC 28289-0784

Payments being sent by overnight/express (such as Fed-Ex, etc.) should be sent directly to:

Billings and Receivables Office
Western Kentucky University
1906 College Heights Blvd #11022
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1022

Credit Cards

Because of high service and processing costs, the Billings and Receivables Office at WKU does not accept credit cards as a method to pay student account charges such as tuition, fees, room and board. We believe the savings realized by the University can be better utilized for academic endeavors. Credit cards will continue to be accepted at campus locations other than the Billings and Receivables Office.

We have contracted with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to allow students to pay their bill with a Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express credit card for a convenience fee of 2.75 percent of the amount of the payment.

To make a credit card payment with a convenience fee online, visit Tuition Management Systems. Scroll down to "Make a One-time Payment", choose Western Kentucky University, and then click on "Make a One-Time Payment." Note: You will be prompted to enter your social security number, not your WKU ID. You can make a credit card payment with a convenience fee via telephone by contacting TMS at 800- 722-4867. (Note: At the menu, please press 3.)

Electronic Payments

Make an electronic payment from your checking or savings account without a convenience fee. Visit Tuition Management Systems, scroll down to "Make a One-time Payment", choose Western Kentucky University, and then click on "Make a One-Time Payment".  You will be prompted to enter your social security number, not your WKU ID.  You can make an e-check payment via telephone by contacting TMS at 800-722-4867. (At the menu, press 3 to make a one-time payment.)  Please note that you will be charged a $10 "live agent fee" to make an e-check payment via telephone.

International Payments (flywire by peerTransfer)

Western Kentucky University has partnered with Flywire to offer an innovative and streamlined way to make a payment from your home country.  Founded by a former international student, Flywire's mission is to save money for international students and their families that would otherwise be lost on bank fees and unfavorable foreign exchange rates.

With Flywire, international students receive the following benefits:

  • excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing payments to be made in a student’s home currency (generally)
  • payment tracking through the transfer process via a student dashboard
  • email confirmation when payment is received by the school
  • fast and secure payments
  • assurance that the exact payment amount sent is the same amount received by the University (no hidden bank fees)
  • options may include bank transfer, debit/credit card in your home currency, electronic payment, or other local options.

Flywire Customer Support Information:

Phone: 617-207-7076
US Toll-Free: 1-800-346-9252

No matter your time zone, Flywire will have a dedicated multilingual customer support team available to you via live chat, email and phone to answer any of your questions.


Your payment may be placed in the depository located outside of the second floor entrance of Potter Hall. Always include the bottom portion of your invoice statement with your check or money order when using the depository. It is important that your student identification number is written on the check or money order. Please allow two to three business days for depository payments to post to your account. Please do not place cash in the depository.

Payment Plans

Western Kentucky University offers manageable interest-free monthly payment plans through our partnership with #1 rated Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Students and their parents have the option of choosing a semester payment plan for the current semester in which the student is enrolled. Payment plans are not available for the winter or summer terms.

For the Fall 2017 semester, we will offer the following interest-free payment plans:

  1.  5-pay - Payments due June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1, and October 1.
  2.  4-pay - Payments due July 1, August 1, September 1 and October 1.

For the Spring 2018 semester, we will offer the following interest-free payment plans:

  1. 5-pay - Payments due November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, and March 1.
  2. 4-pay - Payments due December 1, January 1, February 1 and March 1.

Enrollment Fees for the Payment Plans: A non-refundable application fee of $45 is required for each semester payment plan enrollment. This fee must be included with the completed enrollment form with TMS. The payment plan enrollment includes personal account service, automated account information 24 hours a day, access to your account at Tuition Management Systems, and even gives you a chance to win a $5,000 Tuition Management Systems Scholarship. Visit Tuition Management Systems or call 800-722-4867 for more information on payment options, free education payment counseling and the many ways they can help you afford education. If you need additional assistance or wish to contact the University about these matters, please contact the WKU Billings and Receivables Office at (270) 745-6381.

Tuition and Fee Refund Policy

Tuition refunds or reductions in outstanding fee liabilities for students who officially withdraw through the Registrar's Office or TopNet, or who change their status from full-time to part-time or further reduce their part-time status through drop/add, will be made according to the posted Refund Policy and schedules.  The refund percentage is applied to the number of credit hours dropped, not the dollar amount of the tuition and fees assessed.  The refund policy is subject to change based upon federal regulations or by Western Kentucky University without prior notice.

Refunds via BankMobile Disbursements - The "ONLY" Way to Select How You Will Receive University Refunds
Western Kentucky University has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements to deliver financial aid refunds and other credit balances to students.  All refunds are disbursed through BankMobile Disbursements. Upon registration, students will be mailed a unique personal code in a bright green envelope.  Students will use the unique personal code to select their refund preference.

Refunds are delivered to students by the option that they choose when selecting their refund preference at

  1. Electronic deposit to an existing bank account of your choice.
  2. Electronic deposit to BankMobile Vibe, an optional account.

The University will not issue refund checks, so students must choose an option for receiving any refunds due to them.  The funds are sent from the University to BankMobile Disbursements who then disburses the refunds according to the choice a student has made during the selection process.  For questions about the refund selection process or the WKU Debit Card, please contact the Card/Collections Office, (270) 745-5551.