Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Department of Allied Health

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Terry Dean, Department Head
Academic Complex 228

Institute for Rural Health (IRH)
Dr. Matthew Hunt, Director
Academic Complex 201
(270) 745-6948

The purpose of the WKU College of Health and Human Services' Institute for Rural Health is to identify rural health and human service needs and facilitate collaborative arrangements engaging WKU students and faculty with community agencies in addressing these needs. The Institute works closely with the departments and schools within the College of Health and Human Services. Resources include  the WKU College of Health and Human Services' Mobile Health and Wellness Unit and the Mobile Dental Health Unit. The Institute plays a major role in assisting CHHS in maintaining the focus of student engagement and community service, while promoting collaborative research.

The mission of the IRH is to steward a high quality of life for rural populations and underserved areas: by engaging students and faculty in service learning and research; by providing clinical services; and by serving as a global resource for improving health in rural communities. Staff and students within the College of Health and Human Services provide the services which include oral exams, dental cleanings, dental sealants, fluoride  varnishes, preventive health screenings, immunizations, and health education/promotion. The target area to provide these services is the ten-county Barren River District Development area.