Brewing and Distilling Arts & Sciences, Certificate (0486)


Program Coordinator

Cathleen J. Webb,, (270) 745-6181

Humans have been brewing alcohol since the dawn of recorded history, and distilling stretches back over a thousand years. Brewing and distilling play a major role in the Kentucky and U.S. economy. Industries as diverse as farming, tourism, construction, and retail all rely on, and contribute to alcohol production.

This multidisciplinary graduate certificate is designed to complement an existing major in a related field, by providing a background understanding of topics related to the brewing and distilling industries—the science, the business, and the history, as well as an internship—students need to become competitive in the marketplace.

Students will take four courses for the certificate. BDAS 500 is an intensive introductory study of the science of fermentation. BA 502 is a series of online modules designed to introduce the student to marketing, accounting, finance, management, and business math. HIST 531 examines the history of brewing and distilling, and BDAS 595 is a variable-credit internship placement in a sector of the brewing and distilling industry, in consultation with a faculty supervisor.

Program Admission

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (13.5-16.5 hours)

Required Courses
BDAS 500The Science of Fermentation in Brewing and Distilling3
BA 502MBA Foundation Modules4.5
HIST 531A Cultural History of Alcohol3
BDAS 595Brewing/Distilling Internship3-6
Total Hours13.5-16.5