Gender & Women's Studies, Certificate (1712)


Program Coordinator

Kristi R. Branham,, (270) 745-2943

The purpose of the Graduate Certificate is to facilitate exploration of the rapidly expanding interdisciplinary scholarship in gender and women’s studies, thereby enriching WKU’s current graduate curricula. Students' ability to articulate what they have learned about interdisciplinary scholarship as it pertains to gender, race, and class will enhance their potential for success in their professions. An online version of the Certificate is available with core courses and some electives offered online in alternate years. Federal financial assistance is available for this program.

Program Admission

Admission is based on prior academic experience. Students who wish to enroll in the certificate must provide a personal statement explaining their interest in and reasons for pursuing this program of study.

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (15 hours)

The certificate requires 6 hours of core courses and 9 hours of electives, for a minimum of 15 hours. Those wishing to teach at the college level are encouraged to complete at least 18 hours.

Required Courses
GWS 545Feminist Knowledge and Social Change3
GWS 555Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women3
Select 9 hours from the following: 1,29
Women's Literature
Victorian Literature & Culture
American Legal History Since 1865
American Women's History
Utopias, Dystopias, & Intentional Communities
Place and the Problem of Healing
Public Health Issues in Women's Health
Psychology of Women
Family Violence
Gender, Crime and Justice
Total Hours15

Only 6 hours may be taken in the student's primary discipline.


Faculty and students may make recommendations to include other courses at any time. All new courses are reviewed by the curriculum committee. Students should check with the Women's Studies Office for updated list electives.