Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

African American Studies, Minor (305)

Department website: http://www.wku.edu/afam

Program Coordinator

Andrew J. Rosa, andrew.rosa@wku.edu, (270) 745-3841

The minor in African American Studies compresses the unique and diverse experiences of African Americans into a manageable and definable programs of study that acknowledges the interconnectedness of these experiences with the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora. Viewed from multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives, courses in the African American studies minor provide the opportunity for students to study, analyze and develop a comprehensive understanding of the African American experience in ways that both link and differentiate past and present circumstances in the African Diaspora. A diaspora approach to the study of the African American experience is concerned with the following two issues: 1) the way in which African cultural, social, religious, and political forms influence African descended persons and communities, and how such forms changed through interaction with non-African cultures; and 2) comparisons and correspondence among communities of African descended people who are geographically separated and/or culturally distinct.

A person who completes the African American Studies minor will have enlarged perspectives and increased awareness of the diversity of experience within African American cultures; these are skills well suited for advanced study at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and for jobs in governmental departments and agencies and with private organizations. In fulfilling the minimum requirements for a minor, the student normally should not include more than six hours of electives with any one course prefix.

Honors Program

The African American Studies Program participates in the Dixie and Peter Mahurin Honors College. Honors courses allow students of exceptional academic abilities to investigate the African American experience in a more in-depth manner and to discuss contemporary issues in small group settings. Honors courses encourage the development of critical thinking skills and analytical writing. Students also have an opportunity to assist faculty with research, present papers at regional and national conferences, and/or engage in self-designed research projects. African American Studies minors in the Dixie and Peter Mahurin Honors College can complete their honors thesis on a topic in consultation with an advisor. For further information on honors courses and opportunities, contact Andrew J. Rosa, (270) 745-3841.

Program Requirements (21 hours)

AFAM 190African American Experience3
AFAM 343Communities of Struggle3
AFAM 353Radical Blackness3
Restricted Electives from the following categories: 1
History of Africa Before 1500
Blacks in American History Since 1877
Blacks in the American South
Cultural Studies:3
African American Literature
Advanced Intercultural Communication
Cultural Connections and Diversity
Global Christianity
Electives: 26
African American Seminar
Introduction to Social Justice
Race, Class, and Crime
Postcolonial Studies
Health Disparities and Health Equity
Minority Politics
Islam in America: Hope & Hip Hop
Race and Ethnic Relations
Social Institutions: Race, Class, and Gender
Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
African-American Music
Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
African-American Folklore
African-American Music
Total Hours21