Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Leadership and Governance

President of the University
Dr. Timothy C. Caboni

Board of Regents
Dr. Phillip Bale
Ms. Linda G. Ball
Mr. David S. Brinkley
Ms. Gary L. Broady
Dr. Melissa B. Dennison
Mr. Sam Kurtz, Student Regent
Mr. W. Currie Milliken, Chair
Ms. Cynthia Nichols
Dr. Shane Spiller, Faculty Regent
Ms. Doris Thomas, Secretary
Ms. Jan M. West, Vice Chair

WKU President’s Cabinet
Dr. Timothy C. Caboni, President
Ms. Andrea Anderson, General Counsel
Mr. Michael Crowe, Chief Diversity Officer, Director of Student Conduct
Dr. Robert U. Fischer, Jr., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Susan Howarth, Executive Vice President for Strategy, Operations, and Finance
Dr. Molly Kerby, Chief Diversity Officer, Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Jenni Redifer, Interim Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education
Dr. Ethan Logan, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Experience
Mr. Bryan B. Russell, Chief Facilities Officer
Dr. Martha Sales, Dean of Students
Dr. Bruce Schulte, Associate Vice President for Strategy, Performance, and Accountability
Mr. Todd Stewart, Director of Athletics
Ms. Amanda Trabue, Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

Academic Deans  
Dr. Tania Basta, College of Health and Human Services
Dr. David N. Brown, Ogden College of Science and Engineering
Dr. Terrance Brown, Potter College of Arts & Letters
Ms. Susann deVries, University Libraries
Dr. Corinne Murphy, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Evelyn Thrasher, Gordon Ford College of Business

College Heights Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Timothy C. Caboni, President of WKU
Mr. Paul B. Calico
Gen. E. Daniel Cherry
Mr. Alex Downing
Dr. Jack G. Glasser
Mr. Clarence E. Glover
Ms. Jennifer Greulich
Mr. R. Harvey Johnston, III
Mr. Marc A. Lovell
Mr. Jim A. Martens
Dr. Jerry W. Martin
Mr. Kim A. Menke
Ms. Deanna L. Mills
Mr. Joe B. Natcher, Jr.
Mr. Michael L. Simpson, Chair
Ms. Shannon M. Vitale
Mr. Garry D. Watkins
Ms. Michelle M. Wells
Mr. Bob A. Young
Dr. Donald L. Smith, President of the College Heights Foundation