Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Latin American Studies, Minor (408)

Program Coordinator

Marc V. Eagle, marc.eagle@wku.edu, (270) 745-3841

Dr. Marc Eagle    
Cherry Hall, Office 214B
Phone: (270) 745-7026
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There are many potential reasons to study Latin America, from a personal love of Latin American music and dance to the professional advantages it can provide after graduation. Latin American and Caribbean countries have historically been closely involved with the U.S. both politically and economically. With the advent of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, Mexico is an ever more important trading partner, and the U.S. continues to seek additional trade agreements throughout the region. Countries like Brazil are playing an increasingly important role in the world economy. Developments in Latin American countries also affect the U.S. directly, and understanding Latin American issues is the key to creating informed policies that can benefit the entire hemisphere. Hispanics are now the largest and fastest-growing minority group in the U.S., so that Latin American culture has become a vital part of the diverse society of this country. Finally, Latin America is an exciting place to study; your experiences with the music, film, food, sports, and people of the region will remain with you for your entire life.

Program Requirements (21 hours)

The minor in Latin American studies requires a minimum of 21 semester hours. Latin American Society: Past and Present (cross-listed as GEOG 200, HIST 200, and SPAN 200) is required of students taking the minor. At least three departments must be represented among the remaining 18 hours. Completion of one year of college Spanish or Portuguese or its equivalent is an additional requirement.

Latin American Society: Past and Present. 3 hours. (Required) (equivalent to GEOG 200, HIST 200, and SPAN 200). The course is a broad, interdisciplinary introduction to the study of Latin America, emphasizing its regions, peoples and cultures. (Colonnade Connections SB course - 21 hours of Foundations and Explorations Courses, or junior status required). Meets Category E General Education requirement for students enrolled with a catalog term prior to Fall 2014.

Approved Courses for the Latin American Studies Minor are:

ANTH/FLK 340Peoples and Cultures of Latin America3
ANTH/FLK 342Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean3
GEOG 462Geography of South America3
PS 362Latin American Government and Politics3
HIST 364Colonial Latin America, 1400-18253
HIST 365Modern Latin America, 1800-Present3
HIST 464Latin America and the United States3
HIST 465The Mexican Republic3
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 370Spanish Conversation3
SPAN 371Spanish Composition and Grammar3
SPAN 376Literature and Culture of Latin America3
SPAN 470Advanced Oral Spanish3
SPAN 471Advanced Spanish Composition3
SPAN 490Hispanic Cinema3

Interested students should consult the program advisors. Other courses with Latin American content can be substituted in the minor with the approval of the faculty advisors.