Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Chinese, Minor (337)

Program Coordinator

Ke Peng, ke.peng@wku.edu, (270) 745-2118

Program Requirements (30 hours)

The minor in Chinese requires 30 credit hours. Some of the required coursework may be accomplished through approved methods for demonstration of previous knowledge or courses taken with the Chinese Flagship Program (CHNF). Chinese Flagship students must have been admitted to or be in good standing in the Mahurin Honors College. Study abroad is recommended. No course with a grade of “D” or below may be counted toward the minor.

Required Core Courses
CHIN 102Elementary Chinese II3
or CHNF 101 Intensive Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese I3
or CHNF 102 Intensive Elementary Chinese II
CHIN 202Intermediate Chinese II3
or CHNF 201 Intensive Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 301Advanced Intermediate Chinese I3
or CHNF 202 Intensive Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 302Advanced Intermediate Chinese II (required for students not taking CHNF course)3
CHIN 401Advanced Chinese I3
Elective Courses
Select at least three courses from the 300- or 400-level 111-12
Total Hours29-30

Elective Courses

Electives should be selected from the following categories:

Chinese Language Courses
CHIN 200-level courses other than CHIN 201 / CHIN 202 (3 hours maximum)
Chinese (CHIN) or Chinese Flagship (CHNF) courses at the 300- or 400-level
Study Abroad
CHIN 306 (maximum of 6 hours)
Courses on Chinese Studies
HIST 460Traditional East Asia3
HIST 461Modern East Asia3
HIST 471Modern China3
PS 366Government and Politics in East Asia3
RELS 317Confucianism3
RELS 318Daoism3
Other courses with permission of program advisor (3 hours maximum)