Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Arts Administration, Minor (443)

Program Coordinator

Carol Jordan, carol.jordan@wku.edu, (615) 682-3597

Does the business side of the arts interest you?  Are you thinking of opening a dance studio, working in the development office of a theatre company, or starting a youth theatre program?  The Minor in Arts Administration is an introduction to the field.  You’ll need to take at least 9 credit hours of classes in the arts (art, dance, music, theatre, musical theatre, theatre design or technology), as well as taking one of two foundational courses, either ART 496: Special Topics in Studio Art with the Topic of Gallery Management, or PERF 423: Performing Arts Management.  After that, you will take 12 credit hours from a long list of possible classes to begin developing your knowledge of topics like grant-writing, accounting, social media marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship. At least 12 hours of coursework in this minor must be at the upper division level.

Please note: ART 496: Special Topics in Studio Art with the Topic of Gallery Management is not offered every semester.  PERF 423: Performing Arts Management is typically offered as an online class, usually in the fall semester.

Program Requirements (24 hours)

Required Courses:
9 Arts Content credits in any combination from the following from the following subject areas: Art, Dance, Music, or Theatre9
PERF 423Performing Arts Management3
or ART 496 Special Topics in Studio Art
Students must take PERF 423 or the Special Topics in Gallery/Museum Studies to satisfy this requirement.
12 credits in any combination from the following:12
Principles of Financial Accounting
Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship
Leadership Theory and Application
Leadership Studies Special Topics
Organization and Management
Management of Nonprofit Organizations
Basic Marketing Concepts
Integrated Marketing Communications
Personal Selling
Social Media Marketing
Fundamentals of Public Relations
Understanding the Nonprofit Sector
Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations
Total Hours24