Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Interdisciplinary Professionalism and Success, Certificate (1765)

Program Coordinator

Wren A. Mills, wren.mills@wku.edu, (270) 745-3169

This certificate focuses on competencies needed for career readiness and professional development for transitioning into the workplace. Coursework required in the following areas: foundational knowledge; research and writing; global learning, diversity, and service; and emerging professional exploration. Completion of the CEBS Student Success Academy required for certificate completion.

Program Requirements (12-15 hours)

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required in all coursework.
Category I: Foundational Knowledge
Select 3 hours from the following courses: *3
Human Relations
Helping Skills
University Experience
Discover Teaching: Introduction to Teacher Education
University Learning
Introduction to Leadership Studies
Leadership Theory and Application
Foundations of Middle Grades Instruction
Introduction to the Army and Mountaineering
Foundations of Army Leadership
Army Leadership and Ethics
Team Building and Army Doctrine
Introduction to Psychology
University Experience
Step 1: Introduction to Inquiry-Based Approaches to Teaching
Step 2: Introduction to Inquiry-Based Lesson Design
Category II: Research and Writing
Select 3 hours from the following courses: *3
Investigations in Education
Writing in the Disciplines
Investigative Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies
Research Methods in Psychology
and Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory 1
Supervised Study in Psychology
Statistics in Psychology 1
Research, Readings or Special Projects in Psychology 1
Research Methods for Math and Science Teachers 1
Workforce Linkage and Applications
Category III: Global Learning, Diversity, and Service
Select 3 hours from the following courses: *3
Displaced Persons & Civic Engagement
Climate, Resources, & Society
Global Issues in Education Policy and Practice
Leadership in Global Contexts 1
Interdisciplinary Studies Study Abroad
Technology Applications in Education
Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology
Introduction to Exceptional Education: Diversity in Learning
Foundations of Global Citizenship
Category IV: Emerging Professional
Select 3 hours from the following courses: *3
Business and Marketing Education Seminar
Data-Driven Decision-Making in Elementary Education 2
Student Teaching 2
Student Teaching (Infants and Toddlers) - (Preschoolers) 1
Career Related Field Experience (3 credit hours)
Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone 1
Practicum in Leadership
Leadership Coaching
Student Teaching
Field Experience in Psychology
Research, Readings or Special Projects in Psychology (3 credit hours) 1
Senior Seminar in Psychology 1
Clinical Practices in Secondary Teaching I 1
Clinical Practices in Secondary Teaching II 1
Student Teaching (3 credit hours)
Project-Based Instruction
Independent Study in Professional Studies
Category V: Culminating Course (Repeatable three times)
Students must complete this 0-3 credit hour course prior to graduation:0-3
Workplace Readiness and Professionalism
Total Hours12-15