Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Military Science, Minor (420)

Program Requirements (26-30 hours)

Select one of the following:6-10
Introduction to the Army and Mountaineering
and Foundations of Army Leadership
and Army Leadership and Ethics
and Team Building and Army Doctrine
Military Science Practicum (Leader’s Training Course)
Credit for the basic course through military service (i.e., completion of the Basic Course)
MIL 301Army Training Management and Warfighting Functions3
MIL 302Applied Tactical Army Leadership4
MIL 401Professional Leadership Skills3
MIL 402Role of the Army Officer4
MIL 410Military Science Practicum (Leadership Development and Assessment Course) (Advanced Course)6
Total Hours26-30

 Those students who complete the advanced course may use military science as an academic minor. A minor in military science requires 26-30 hours depending upon the amount of advanced placement awarded the student.