Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Clinical and Community Behavioral Health, Minor (436)

Department website: http://www.wku.edu/psychology

The Clinical and Community Behavioral Health (CCBH) minor is for those interested in careers in mental and behavioral health such as Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychology; Social Work; and other fields in the human services sector.  Those completing this minor will:

  • Be better prepared for careers in mental and behavioral health and human services.
  • Gain greater awareness of major psychological theories and paradigms of relevance in mental and behavioral health and human services.
  • Demonstrate understanding of different mental and behavioral health and human service organizations including roles of professionals, range of services offered, and organizational values.

The CCBH minor can be paired with the Psychology major and is open to any other major in the university.

Program Requirements (21 hours)

The minor in Clinical and Community Behavioral Health is an interdisciplinary minor that contributes to the preparation of students who are interested in careers in the mental health field and human services sector. The minor requires 21 hours, 12 of which must be from Psychology.

Required Introductory – Psychology
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Adjustment and Personal Growth
Required Introductory – Related Disciplines
Select 6 hours in separate fields from the following:6
Human Relations
Child Development
Family, Community and Early Childhood Program
Foundations of Human Services
Introduction to Social Work
Introduction to the Aging Experience
Understanding the Nonprofit Sector
Required Community Connections
Select one of the following:3
Field Experience in Psychology
Psychology and Law
Foundations of Clinical and Community Behavioral Health
Services for the Older American
Services for Juvenile Offenders and Their Families
Services to Children
Principles of Mental Health
Select 9 hours of the following; at least 6 must be from Psychology:9
Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology
Psychology of Motivation and Emotion
Adolescent Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Psychological Aspects of Alcoholism
Beginning Skills in Psychological Interviewing
Behavior Modification
Introduction to Clinical and School Psychology
Family Relations
Risk and Resilience
Growth and Guidance of Children
Parenting Strategies
Family and Relationship Violence
Addressing Challenging Behavior in Young Children
Person-Centered Dementia Management
Helping Skills
Total Hours21