Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Housing & Residence Life

Lana Kunkel, Director for Housing
Randall Farris, Director for Facilities
Blair Jensen, Associate Director, Housing & Residence Life
Doug Tate, Assistant Director, Housing & Residence Life
Nick Haught, Assistant Director, Housing & Residence Life

Southwest Hall
Phone: (270) 745-4359
Email: hrl@wku.edu
Website: https://www.wku.edu/housing

The Department of Housing and Residence Life, in partnership with the student and the university community, will provide a premier living/learning experience that promotes student success. We offer 15 residence halls with a variety of living options to accommodate the needs and preferences of our student population. Several of the amenities include the following: local television stations, Internet connections and wifi capability in each bedroom, and laundry facilities in each hall. Apartment living is also available to juniors, seniors, graduate students and married students/students with children. Visit the website for more information.

Leadership is provided in each hall by live-in professional staff members. Additionally, community advisors, resident assistants, and desk assistants work to provide services in the halls that include a 24-hour information/security desk operation.

Required Housing Policy

All full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus for two years. Students who have not lived on campus for two years who choose to live off campus will be charged the lowest residence hall rate that HRL offers. Exceptions to this policy are available and may be reviewed at our website - https://www.wku.edu/housing/apply/requirement-exemptions.php. Requests for exemption can be submitted online in the Housing Portal.

Housing Application and Fee Payment

A $75.00 housing application fee is required to file this Contract. This fee is a one-time payment for applicants new to WKU Housing. Returning students continuing in housing for the next academic year through completion of a housing renewal application are not required to pay another fee. The fee does not apply toward the semester housing fee or other University obligations. The application fee is non-refundable.

Students who submit a Residence Hall Housing Application prior to the first day of classes for either fall or spring semester will be billed their appropriate housing fee by the business office. Payment must be made in full by the date specified on the bill.

Students who submit a Residence Hall Housing Application on or after the first day of classes for either the fall or spring semester agree to submit the $75 application fee to the Department of Housing and Residence Life. The full semester, prorated semester, or full bi-term housing fee is also payable at the business office at the time the Housing Agreement is submitted and accepted.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

Cancelation Before the Beginning of the Academic Year or Spring Only Semester:

Written notice of cancelation must be made to the Department of Housing & Residence Life in order to avoid housing charges. Cancelations must be received by the Monday of the first day of classes.

Cancelation After the Beginning of the Academic Year or Spring Only Semester:

A resident who does not check into the assigned room by midnight of the first day of classes will be considered a "no show," and be canceled immediately. A late cancelation charge of $150 will be assessed to students who are no shows.

Residents who have checked into their housing assignment must go through the official withdrawal process to cancel this Contract. Official withdrawal procedures are outlined in the University publication, "Hilltopics for Residence Hall Living."  A student who is an unofficial checkout will be assessed a $150 unofficial checkout charge.

A termination fee and any applicable housing fees (room charge through the official date of withdrawal, or assessment of the required housing fee for non-compliance with the required housing policy) will be assessed to a student’s bill.  The contract termination fee is 50% of the student’s semester housing charge.

Requests for exemption from the contract termination charge and appropriate documentation must be submitted in writing to the Department of Housing & Residence Life.  Exemptions are not guaranteed.

A resident's date of official withdrawal from the assigned residence hall room will determine the room charge and, if applicable, the amount of housing fee refund.

An official withdrawal prior to or during the first 6 days of classes (Monday to Monday of the 1st week of the semester, including holidays if applicable) will be pro-rated by nights in room. From the 7th day of class through Sunday of the second week, and thereafter determines the number of weeks assigned, using the following schedule: second week: 50% of semester fee; third week: 75% of semester fee; after the third week, the charge is 100%.

An assigned resident who does not go through the official withdrawal process to cancel this Contract on or before the last day of finals week of the Fall Semester will be considered an assigned Spring Semester resident and will be charged a Spring Housing fee accordingly.

Hall Name Number of Floors Maximum Occupancy Eligibility Requirements
Men's Halls
McCormack 6 374 None
Women's Halls
Pearce-Ford Tower 27 858 None
Co-Ed Halls
Bates-Runner 3 148# Upperclassmen
Douglas-Keen 4-7 372 None
Gilbert 4 202 None
Hilltopper 6 408# Extended Living
Hugh Poland 9 406 None
McLean 3 126# Upperclassmen
Meredith 3 188s
Minton 10 406 Honors
Munday 3 300# Upperclassmen
Normal 6 260 Freshmen Only
Regents 6 375 Freshmen Only
Rodes-Harlin 9 368 Extended Living
Southwest 3 300# Upperclassmen-Honors
Zacharias 3 212s Upperclassmen



rooms with private bathrooms

12'X16' Approximate Room Size. All halls are air-conditioned.

Extended Living

For the 2023-2024 academic year, extended living is offered at Rodes Harlin Hall and Hilltopper Hall, which allows students to continue to reside on campus during the Thanksgiving break, winter sessions, and spring break periods. All other halls close for these periods which makes this a good option for those who cannot travel during the breaks, need to work in town during breaks or need to be here for university-related activities. Summer housing is also offered for students needing year round housing; summer housing charges apply. Learn more at: https://www.wku.edu/housing/summer/housing.php.

Room Assignments

Room assignments are made based upon the date of receipt of the Housing Agreement and accompanying housing application fee. Returning residents who renew their housing agreement prior to the established deadline are given "priority status" and are reassigned first. Incoming freshmen and transfer students are assigned next based upon their date of completed housing contract and application fee paid.

Although there are no guarantees, special consideration is given to the indicated preferences. Roommate preferences are made based on availability and mutual requests. It is recommended that residents wishing to room together should submit their Agreements together when possible.

Residence Hall Rooms

Residence hall rooms are equipped to accommodate two students and each room is furnished with beds, chests of drawers, bookshelves, closet space, desks and chairs.


Students should submit the completed Residence Hall Housing Agreement with their $75.00 application fee immediately after being admitted to the University. Students may apply online through the Housing Portal with credit/debit card.