Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Meeting and Convention Planning, Minor (418)

Program Requirements (21 hours)

The minor in Meeting and Convention Planning provides students with the range of interdisciplinary skills necessary for success as a meeting, convention, and/or event manager in a variety of settings to include numerous venues in the hospitality and tourism industry. The minor requires a minimum of 21 semester hours.  Students must complete the following 12 hours of core courses.  In addition, students must complete at least 9 hours of electives from the list below.

Core Courses
HMD 171Introduction to Hospitality Management3
HMD 313Practicum in Hospitality Management3
HMD 375Meeting and Convention Management3
HMD 475Advanced Event Planning in Hospitality3
Select three of the following:9
Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
Food Service Operations Management
Beverage Consumerism
Global Hospitality and Cuisine
Small Group Communication
Organizational Communication
Intercultural Communication
Floral Design
Advanced Floral Design
Wedding Floral Design
Human Resource Management
Management of Nonprofit Organizations
Services Marketing
Personal Selling
Digital Marketing
Business-To-Business Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Advanced Personal Selling Strategies
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Industrial / Organizational Psychology
Experience Planning and Evaluation
Total Hours21

When selecting electives, a maximum of two courses in this minor may be duplicated in the student’s major or another minor (not including the practicum).