Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Public Health, Bachelor of Science (521P, 521)

Department website: http://www.wku.edu/publichealth

Program Coordinator

Grace K. Lartey, grace.lartey@wku.edu, (270) 745-3941

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). Graduates are prepared to use their skills in a variety of government agencies, hospitals and other facilities of the health care system, community mental health agencies, employee health programs in business and industry, student health services on college campuses, and many non-profit health agencies and communities. Many students choose to pursue advanced degrees in public health, and this is strongly encouraged.

Program Requirements (70 hours)

A baccalaureate degree requires a minimum of 120 unduplicated semester hours. More information can be found at www.wku.edu/registrar/degree_certification.php.

Students who began WKU in the Fall 2014 and thereafter should review the Colonnade requirements located at: https://www.wku.edu/colonnade/colonnaderequirements.php.

The program in public health consists of a core of 30 credit hours of coursework, 28 credit hours of other required courses, and 12 hours of electives for a total of 70 hours in the major.

Core Courses
PH 261Foundations of Public Health Education3
PH 381Public and Community Health3
PH 384Introduction to Epidemiology3
PH 385Environmental Health3
PH 410Global Perspectives on Population Health3
PH 412Health Disparities and Health Equity3
PH 484Community Organization for Health Education3
PH 485Fundamentals of Public Health Planning3
PH 488Public Health Senior Seminar3
PH 490Internship3
Total Hours30
Additional Required Courses
BIOL 131Human Anatomy and Physiology4
BIOL 207
BIOL 208
General Microbiology
and General Microbiology Laboratory
CHEM 109Chemistry for the Health Sciences4
MATH 109General Mathematics3
or MATH 115 Applied College Algebra
or higher level math course
PH 100Personal Health3
PH 383Biostatistics in the Health Sciences3
SFTY 171Safety and First Aid1
COMM 145Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Communication3
Select one of the following courses:3
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Introductory Sociology
Total Hours28
Select 12 hours of the following courses: 112
Quantitative Analysis
Introduction to Environmental Science
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene Laboratory
Air Pollution Control
Air Pollution Control Laboratory
Introduction to Water Resources
Principles of Environmental Toxicology
Water Treatment Processes
Water Treatment Processes Laboratory
Radiological Health
Environmental Management
Environmental Risk Assessment
Hazardous and Solid Waste Management
Food Safety
Global Hydrology
Medical Terminology
General Safety
Human Nutrition
Health Care Organization and Management
International Comparisons of Health Care Systems
Global Health Service-Learning Practicum
Introduction to Leadership Studies
Leadership Theory and Application
Leading Change
Leadership Ethics and Decision-Making
Human Sexuality
Peer Health Education
Wellness and Fitness Assessment
Worksite Health Promotion
Health and Aging
Death, Dying and Bereavement
Human Values and the Health Sciences
Independent Study in Health and Safety
Women’s Health
Drug Abuse Education
Sexuality Education
Administration of Public Health Programs
Government and Ethics
Race and Ethnic Relations
Introduction to Community, Environment, & Development
Systems of Social Inequality
The Community in Rural and Urban Settings
Social Institutions: Race, Class, and Gender
Diversity in American Society
Sociology of Globalization
Introduction to Statistical Software
Foundations of Human Services
Total Hours12

Requirements for Admission to Public Health (reference number 521)

30 hours including the following courses with an overall GPA of 2.3 or better:

BIOL 131Human Anatomy and Physiology4
CHEM 109Chemistry for the Health Sciences4
COMM 145Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Communication3
PH 100Personal Health3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Introductory Sociology
Select 13 additional hours13
Total Hours30

Finish in Four Plan

First Year
PH 1003PSY 100, PSYS 100, PSY 220, PSYS 220, or SOCL 1003
PH 2613COMM 1453
ENG 1003MATH 109 or MATH 1153
BIOL 1314CHEM 1094
Colonnade: Arts & Humanities3ENG 2003
 16 16
Second Year
PH 3813PH 3833
BIOL 207
BIOL 208
4Connections - Local to Global3
HIST 101 or HIST 1023SFTY 1711
Connections - Social and Cultural3General Elective (CIS 141 suggested)3
World Language or General Elective3PH Elective (See advisor)3
 16 16
Third Year
ENG 3003PH 3843
PH 4103PH 4843
PH 3853PH Elective (see advisor)3
PH Elective (see advisor)3Elective3
 15 15
Fourth Year
PH 4123PH 4903
PH 4853PH 4883
PH Elective3PH Elective (see advisor)3
Connections - Systems3Elective3
 14 12
Total Hours 120