Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Strategies for Trauma-Informed Approaches to Improving Resilience, Certificate (1781)

Program Coordinator

Over the past few decades, clinicians and researchers have become increasingly aware of the effects of trauma on individuals, families, and communities. This growing recognition of exposure to trauma and its deleterious impacts has fueled the movement for strategies to ameliorate traumatic stress reactions. This interdisciplinary certificate program, Strategies for Trauma-informed Approaches Improving Resilience (STAIR), is designed to prepare undergraduate students for their respective professional fields, using research-based practices in trauma recognition, assessment of impact, and skill development to address the needs of those with trauma histories. The STAIR certificate is open to all majors. Courses for the certificate may also meet the requirements for other degree programs. 

Program Requirements (13 hours)

SWRK 311Understanding Intergenerational Trauma3
SWRK 330Human Behavior in the Social Environment3
SWRK 438Understanding Trauma3
SWRK 455Integrative Seminar: Strategies for Trauma-Informed Approaches Improving Resilience (STAIR) 11
Select one Elective from the list below3
Introduction to Child Welfare
Victimology & Victim Advocacy
Juvenile Delinquency
Race, Class, and Crime
Climate, Resources, & Society
Risk and Resilience
Family and Relationship Violence
Disability in the United States
History of Genocide
Communities of Struggle
Blacks in the American South
Human Sexuality
Death, Dying and Bereavement
Women’s Health
Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology
Psychology of Prejudice and Stereotyping
Social Institutions: Race, Class, and Gender
Gender, Family, and Society
Diversity and Social Welfare
Environmental Justice: Theory, Policy, and Practice
Opioid Epidemic
Services for Juvenile Offenders and Their Families
Total Hours13

Students must complete this course with a grade of C or better.