Student Services

Adult Learner Services
Dr. Brad Kissell, Director
Tate Page Hall 251
(270) 745-3575

Adult Learner Services is a program specifically designed to help adults pursue a college degree. Thinking about entering college for the first time but don't know where to start? Considering going back to school to finish a degree you started years ago but didn't complete? Wondering how long and what classes you would have to take to finish? WKU Adult Learner Services can help answer these questions and offers a wide variety of assistance to "non-traditional" students including:

  • Degree audits (determining remaining requirements for completing a degree or determining the quickest route to completing a degree)
  • Procedures for admissions and re-admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Setting up NET ID & topper webmail
  • Registering for class
  • Referrals to campus resources
  • Academic renewal
  • Navigating the WKU website
  • Blackboard and online classes
  • Placement exams

Center for Career and Professional Development
Robert Unseld
Downing Student Union 2001
(270) 745-3095

The mission of the Center for Career and Professional Development is to assist students and alumni in identifying and reaching their career and employment goals, to help employers access an educated and highly trained workforce, and to support faculty and staff in providing opportunities to increase student learning and skill development. The Center for Career and Professional Development offers the following:

  • Career Advising to assist students in gaining self-awareness regarding goals and preferences, and to use that awareness in decision-making related to career planning and professional development. Individual appointments are available to review results of career and personality inventories, to provide assistance in setting career goals, to review majors and occupations that match interests and abilities, and to help students plan for and obtain career related experience prior to graduation.
  • Career and Employment Management Online System, TopJobs, to allow students and alumni to search job postings, create and manage an online portfolio of their employment credentials, communicate with potential employers, and schedule interviews with recruiters coming to campus.
  • Internships/Cooperative Education/Practical Work Experience to help students enhance classroom learning and validate their career decisions through career-related work experience and opportunities. Students are able to test their career choice in “real world” settings prior to graduation, earn college credit for career related work experience, receive pay for career-related employment, build their professional network, and increase their employability upon graduation.
  • Graduate and Professional School information is available via the Center’s website. Students may make an appointment with a career counselor to obtain help in preparing for grad school interviews and the application process.
  • Job Fairs to provide students and alumni a chance to meet with hundreds of employers to discuss the skills required on-the-job, and to apply for co-op, internship, full-time, part-time, summer and other employment related opportunities.
  • Job Search Counseling to assist students with the preparation and review of resumes, cover letters, and job application materials. Assistance is available for locating company/employer information and learning job search techniques and strategies. Counselors can also assist with employment interview preparation and, by appointment, can conduct and critique mock interviews.
  • Job Vacancy Postings to help make students and alumni aware of employment opportunities. Vacancies are posted and updated daily on TopJobs. Students and alumni may access TopJobs and listings for full-time, part-time, co-op, volunteer and other opportunities.
  • On-Campus Recruiting to allow employers to recruit, interview and hire students to fill vacancies that exist within their individual organizations. Students and alumni may post their resumes online and schedule interviews with employers recruiting on campus – all through TopJobs, the Center for Career and Professional Development’s web-based career and employment management system.
  • Online Employment Portfolio to allow students and alumni to upload versions of their resume and other employment credentials and make them accessible to potential employers through TopJobs. Individuals may create multiple versions of their resume, update resumes at any time, and submit credentials electronically to employers. Employers registered with the Center may use TopJobs for recruiting potential employees among WKU applicants who have their resumes in the system.

The Center for Career and Professional Development services are available to all WKU students and alumni and to employers who maintain EEO compliance, follow affirmative action principles in recruiting activities, and adhere to the recruiting policies established by WKU and the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Check Cashing Services

University Cashier's Office
Potter Hall 208

Checks written by the student and made payable to WKU, or checks written by the student's parent and made payable to the student, may be cashed (maximum $50). Also, Western Kentucky University student payroll checks in any amount will be cashed.  A student I.D. is required for check cashing services.  Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday, during the fall and spring semesters; summer office hours vary.

A charge of $20.00 will be made for each check returned because of insufficient funds, closed account, or stop payment. The check cashing privilege will be denied to students after two checks have been returned for nonpayment.  Failure by a student to make prompt payment on returned checks may jeopardize his/her status with the university. Any unpaid, returned checks are subject to being turned over to the County Attorney’s Office for collection.  Students are advised that the passing of bad checks is a violation of Kentucky statute.

Counseling and Testing Center
Dr. Peggy Crowe, Director
Potter Hall 409
(270) 745-3159

College should be challenging, not overwhelming. Sometimes students need help. The Counseling and Testing Center at WKU provides the following:

  1. Individual, couples, and group counseling services for currently enrolled students.
  2. Educational programs for classes, organizations, and departments.
  3. Consultation to faculty and staff regarding student behavior.
  4. Referrals to psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors outside of the university.
  5. Administer the national testing programs the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Chemistry placement exams, MAT, DSST, PRAXIS, HESI and Nursing Specialty Exams. See for tests fees and registration.
  6. Crisis/emergency assistance for situations that arise on campus or in our community.

Division of Extended Learning and Outreach (DELO)  
Dr. Beth Laves, Associate Vice President
Knicely Conference Center 105
(270) 745-1900

The Division of Extended Learning & Outreach (DELO) at WKU is made up of several units that take the educational resources of WKU to the citizens of Kentucky and around the world, including Academic Outreach, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, Continuing & Professional Development, and Study Away. We are the outreach arm of the university, offering both credit and non-credit classes to students of all ages. We partner with University faculty and departments to offer convenient and flexible learning opportunities to students. We work with businesses and organizations to provide customized training, to plan special events, and to develop degree programs that meet their specific needs. DELO units work both separately and together to support the mission of the University:

Academic Outreach
Knicely Conference Center 120
Laura Ricke, Director
(270) 745-3067

Academic Outreach Unit includes the offices of WKU Online, On Demand, Dual Credit, Cohort Programs, Online Program Services, Online Program Development, WKU On Demand, and Summer Sessions/Winter Term.

WKU Online
Garrett Conference Center
(270) 745-5173 or (888) 4WKUWEB
WKU Online provides semester-based opportunities for students to earn college credit in a format that fits their lifestyle. There are more than 1,700 courses available each year, and over 90 complete degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate level. In addition, there are several degree programs that allow students to complete a significant portion of required courses online, offering additional options for flexibility within their program of study.  For a complete list of online degree programs, please visit our website.

WKU On Demand
Garrett Conference Center, Office 101
(270) 745-4158 or (800) 535-5926
WKU On Demand offers self-paced, asynchronous distance learning courses for students to pursue educational experiences outside the traditional college classroom. WKU On Demand helps undergraduate and graduate students who, because of distance or time constraints, cannot participate in traditional on-campus or semester-based online courses. WKU On Demand is uniquely qualified to serve students living across the state, across the country, and around the world. WKU On Demand provides over 100 courses by web and email, which are always taught by WKU faculty. Students may register any day of the year, because on demand courses are on continuous enrollment, not semester enrollment. Students complete on demand courses at their own pace. Students must be admitted to the graduate school to take on demand classes. All registrations are considered in-state for tuition purposes.

Online Program Development
Online Program Development (OPD) supports online learning at WKU through programmatic support to academic departments. OPD facilitates the development of online learning courses and programs, as well as the recruitment of distance students. OPD also develops data and compliance reporting including survey submissions.  

Online Program Services
Garrett Conference Center
Online Program Services (OPS) supports students in reaching educational goals by providing staff support to assist with the admission application, registration, and by connecting students to needed resources. Services include an online orientation, library services, research support, an online writing center and online presentation coaching. In addition to one-on-one support provided by OPS, live and recorded webinars are also available on a variety of topics. Services are accessible with a single click through the Student Resource Portal.

Cohort Programs
A number of degree opportunities are available at WKU through University-Community and Industry partnerships.  These programs are customized by contractual agreements to meet the professional development goals of the organization and its members. The office supports students from initial inquiry through degree completion.

Winter Term and Summer Sessions
The Division of Extended Learning and Outreach provides administrative support for Summer Sessions and Winter Term. These are optional terms offering short, intensive courses allowing students to devote concentrated study to one or two courses at a time. Winter term and summer session courses can be excellent opportunities for students to move more quickly toward graduation or enroll in study abroad and study away experiences.

Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
Dr. Jerry Daday, Executive Director
Tate Page Hall 365
(270) 745-6508

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) supports the teaching and learning mission of the university.  CITL collaborates with faculty to design content and courses that promote an active learning environment for students enrolled in traditional face-to-face instruction, flipped classrooms, blended/hybrid courses, and online courses and degree programs.  CITL identifies current and emerging instructional technologies and works with faculty and staff to incorporate these tools and innovations into curricular and co-curricular activities to promote student learning and engagement.  CITL also offers an extensive array of professional development opportunities for the university community centered on teaching effectiveness, student learning and engagement, and the use and assessment of high impact practices.  These training opportunities are delivered via professional learning communities, seminars, webinars, workshops, and more personalized training events for departments and units. 

Specifically for graduate students, CITL administers the Graduate Assistant Teaching Institute, or GATI, which provides graduate students with the opportunity to receive professional development and training on the basics of teaching, pedagogy, and student learning so that they may perform more effectively as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) or Graduate Assistant Instructors (GAIs) in their academic units.   

Continuing and Professional Development
Knicely Conference Center 120
Derick Olive, Director
(270) 745-1912

The Continuing and Professional Development unit is comprised of two distinct work areas: Career and Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning supported by a common administrative staff.

Career and Workforce Development (CWD) team members focus on meeting the needs of each employee, whether those needs are an individual class or a certificate program covering multiple skills and competencies. This is accomplished by providing training in communication, team building, supervision and other skill areas. 

Lifelong Learning (LL) staff members are committed to providing the community with learning opportunities for every age group and in a variety of interest areas. LL partners with university departments and outside organizations to provide fun and enriching educational programs throughout the year. As a unit within DELO, LL is uniquely positioned to support academic departments in offering outstanding and innovative programs that showcase the expertise of WKU faculty and staff members. 

Study Away
Jerry Barnaby, Director
Tate Page Hall 121
(270) 745-4512

Study Away programs offer a great way to earn credit through off-campus, practical learning. We provide programs during Winter Term and Summer Sessions programs led by WKU faculty and partners that take students beyond the classroom into new learning experiences. Study Away includes WKU credit courses with travel to domestic destinations (within the United States and U.S. territories). For-credit programs include at least one WKU credit-bearing course.

Study Away also administers Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs. These are WKU courses taught by WKU faculty in destinations all over the world. Study Away works in partnership with Study Abroad and Global Learning, faculty leaders, and students to provide innovative learning opportunities that enable WKU students to set themselves apart.

WKU Conferencing Services
Knicely Conference Center
(270) 745-1908

WKU Conference Services offers meeting and event support for WKU and public events at the Knicely Conference Center and Augenstein Alumni Center. They offer accommodations for a wide range of events, from conferences, corporate trainings and trade shows to receptions, awards banquets and social gatherings.

English as a Second Language International (ESLI) University Language Center
Dr. T. Ryan Hall, Vice President
Dr. Dawn Winters, Director
(270) 745-8871

The ESLI University Language Center on the WKU campus prepares students in academic English for entrance into WKU. Students may enroll and begin study in ESLI courses at any time during the first two weeks of the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Students completing the ESLI program do not require a TOEFL or IELTS to gain admission to WKU.

The ESLI program is an intensive language program with 25 hours of instruction each week in reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary. ESLI techniques include cultural context that students need by involving them in academic excursions, conversation partners and recreational activities. ESLI has a caring and empathetic staff that provides a friendly, professional, and individualized learning environment. They also assist students in airport pick-up, banking, and general orientation. All activities are part of the interactive immersion in the ESLI program. Prospective students should contact ESLI directly by email for further information and an application.

Fulbright Faculty and Student Programs

Dr. Tony Harkins, Faculty Contact
Cherry Hall 218
(270) 745-3149

Dr. Melinda Grimsley-Smith, Domestic Student Contact
Office of Scholar Development, HCIC 2051
(270) 745-3170

Stephanie Sieggreen, International Student Contact
International Enrollment Management, HCIC 3050 
(270) 745-4353

The Fulbright international exchange of scholars provides opportunities for selected WKU and foreign university professors to teach and conduct research abroad for up to a full academic year.  Fulbright student grants for study, research, or teaching abroad are available to well-qualified applicants holding a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent before the beginning date of the grant.  Selection is based on academic record, validity of the proposed study, language preparation, and personal qualifications. 

Health Services
1681 Normal Drive
(270) 745-2273

Graves Gilbert Clinic Health Services is a full service primary care center dedicated to providing the WKU campus and community with quality medical care and health promotion services. On site services include physician and nurse practitioner office visits, psychiatric mental health, women’s and men’s health, ECG, laboratory, x-ray, allergy shot administration, immunizations, STI testing/treatment, contraceptives, physicals, drug screenings, occupational health, health education and wellness services. In addition, Graves Gilbert Clinic is a multi-specialty group with access to a broad array of in depth health care services.

The staff includes Board Certified Medical Doctors (Family Medicine and Internal Medicine), Nurse Practitioners, registered medical assistants, x-ray and lab technicians. The Clinic is a provider for many insurance plans and will be listed in your group’s provider list if we are participating in your plan. Patients need to bring a current copy of their health insurance card, photo id, and applicable co-pay for each visit. Failure to present your insurance card(s) at registration may result in you being considered a self-pay patient with the accompanying expectation of payment at the time of service. If you do not have insurance coverage, at least a partial payment will be expected at the time of service. If charges are not paid in full on the date of service, you will be requested to provide the Financial Counselor with credit or debit card information. We accept BIG RED CARD for co-pays and payments.  As a courtesy, we will file insurance when appropriate or bill the patient directly.

International students are required to purchase health insurance upon arrival at the University. Students that are interested in purchasing the student health insurance plan, please contact Linda Heady, (270) 745-5034.

Housing and Residence Life
Southwest Hall, Room 18
(270) 745-4359

The Department of Housing and Residence Life, in partnership with the student and the university community, will provide a premier living / learning experience that promotes student success. We offer 15 residence halls with a variety of living options to accommodate the needs and preferences of our student population. Several of the amenities include the following: cable television, Internet connections and wifi capability in each bedroom, and laundry facilities in each hall. Apartment living is also available to juniors, seniors and graduate students. Visit the website for more information.

Leadership is provided in each hall by live-in professional staff members. Additionally, community advisors, resident assistants, desk clerks and night clerks work to provide services in the halls that include a 24-hour information/security desk operation.

Housing Deposit and Fee Payment - The Residence Hall Housing Agreement requires an accompanying $150 deposit. This deposit will remain on file throughout the resident’s term of occupancy and serves as a combination room reservation, damage, cancellation and room checkout deposit. It does not apply to the semester housing fee, and may be carried over to subsequent academic years.

Students who submit a Residence Hall Housing Agreement prior to the first day of classes for either fall or spring semester will be billed their appropriate housing fee by the business office. Payment must be made in full by the date specified on the bill.

Students who submit a Residence Hall Housing Agreement on or after the first day of classes for either the fall or spring semester agree to submit the $150 housing deposit to the Department of Housing and Residence Life. The full semester, prorated semester, or full bi-term housing fee is also payable at the business office at the time the Housing Agreement is submitted and accepted.

Cancellations and Refund Policy - The Residence Hall Housing Agreement is for the full academic year.  Students who submit written notice of cancellation to the Department of Housing and Residence Life prior to the beginning of the academic year may receive a partial refund of the advance deposit based upon the following dates:

  • Cancellations received by July 1 for an agreement beginning fall semester or November 15 for spring semester only, students will receive 2/3 refund of deposit or $100.00.
  • Cancellations received between July 2 and August 1 for an agreement beginning fall semester or between November 16 and December 15 for spring semester only, will result in a 1/3 refund of deposit or $50.
  • For cancellations received after August 1 for fall semester or December 15 for spring semester only, students do not receive a refund of the advance $150 deposit.  Exceptions to this policy include only those students who are denied admission to the University or not assigned due to lack of residence hall space.

Residents who cancel their Residence Hall Housing Agreement at any time during the academic year, and subsequently continue full-time enrollment, will be assessed a $750 contract termination fee, will not receive any refund of their housing deposit and may be assessed housing fees for all applicable semesters. Requests for Exemption from the Contract Termination fee are available in the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Extended Living - Extended living is offered at Barnes-Campbell Hall, Bemis-Lawrence Hall, Northeast Hall, and Bates Runner Hall, which allows students to remain in their rooms during the Thanksgiving, semester and spring break periods. All other halls close for these periods which makes this a good option for those who cannot travel during the breaks, need to work in town during breaks or need to be here for university related activities.

Room Assignments - Room assignments are made based upon the date of receipt of the Housing Agreement. Returning residents who renew their housing agreement prior to the established deadline are given "priority status" and are reassigned first. Incoming freshmen and transfer students are assigned next based upon their date of receipt.

Although there are no guarantees, special consideration is given to the indicated preferences.  Roommate preferences are made based on availability and mutual requests. It is recommended that residents wishing to room together should submit their Agreements together when possible.

Residence Hall Rooms - Residence hall rooms are equipped to accommodate two students and each room is furnished with beds, chests of drawers, bookshelves, closet space, desks and chairs.

Reservations - Students should forward the completed Residence Hall Housing Agreement with their $150.00 deposit immediately upon applying for admission to the University. Students may apply online through TopNet with credit/debit card or by mail with check or money order.

Completed Residence Hall Agreement forms should be sent to the Department of Housing and Residence Life, 1906 College Heights Blvd. #11093, WKU, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101-1093. Make checks or money orders payable to Western Kentucky University.

Identification Card Center
ID Center

Downing Student Union 2125
(270) 745-2417

All full-time and part-time students are issued a personal identification card (WKU ID Card). The ID card contains a photo image, the student’s name, and WKU ID number. The ID card entitles the full-time student to admission to campus athletic events, use of recreational facilities in the Student Union at student rates, admission to the Preston Center, check-out privileges at the library, and other general University services. It can also be used as a debit card at all Restaurant Group facilities, the WKU Store, WKU Postal Services, Student Health Services, selected vending machines, laundry machines, and more. The ID card for part-time students provides similar privileges as received by full-time students detailed above with the exception of admission to some recreational activities unless an additional fee is paid. The ID card is not transferable and is valid for the duration of one’s college career at WKU. Students are expected to carry their ID card at all times and to present the card upon request by University Officials. The WKU ID Card must be surrendered upon demand if revoked by a University Official. The University is not responsible for any loss or expenses resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of this card. If the card is lost or stolen, it must be replaced at a cost to the student. Application for replacement of an ID card should be made at the ID Center. The ID card is the property of Western Kentucky University.

Information Technology
Mass Media and Technology Hall 224
(270) 745-7000 Help Desk

The Division of Information Technology supports the university's mission through the application of computing and communications resources. The division is organized into five departmental areas: Academic Technology, Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Applications and Programming, Technical Support Services, and Communication Technologies.

The institution provides a full complement of state of the art academic and administrative systems and services which target the evolving needs of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Some of these IT services include fully wired and wireless network access on the main and regional campuses; instructional delivery using interactive television and web-based distance learning; mobile device app support for key systems and services such as email, course schedules, meal plan management, campus maps, and bus schedules; 15 student technology center locations (open labs), including South Campus and all extended campuses, providing 554 computers available to all WKU students, faculty, and staff; and support of 158 departmental labs/classrooms with a total of over 2800 computers. All open labs have free laser printing.

The WKU IT infrastructure is robust and provides high speed, high bandwidth connectivity and utilizes the Internet2 research network where appropriate. In addition, WKU IT provides a number of user support services including an IT Help Desk with extended hours, Resnet Services for repair of student computers and devices, and a Student Technology Resource Center where students can create audio/video media and check out digital devices.

Intercultural Student Engagement Center
Dero Downing Student Union 2041
(270) 745-5066

The Intercultural Student Engagement Center promotes a culturally inclusive campus environment, cultural awareness and competence, inter-group dialogue, engagement and intercultural interaction, and supports lifelong learning about self and others. The office serves as a hands-on recruitment and retention resource for the many cultural, religious/spiritual, and identity groups reflected within the WKU community. The Center provides student support services to foster academic success and sponsors culturally based celebratory events. Staff within the Intercultural Student Engagement Center carry out programmatic initiatives designed to increase the cultural competency of students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, Center staff manages respectful spaces for students to learn about themselves and others through meaningful experiences, dialogues, and opportunities for growth.

International Student Office
Stephanie Sieggreen, Director of International Enrollment Management
Honors College and International Center (HCIC)
(270) 745-4857

The International Student Office (ISO) welcomes and assists international students and visiting scholars through advisement, programming, and support services. As the primary point of contact for prospective students and visiting scholars, ISO generates immigration documents necessary for them to secure the appropriate F-1 or J-1 visa that is required to study or work at Western Kentucky University. ISO is responsible for ensuring WKU’s compliance with U.S. federal laws and regulations that pertain to immigration requirements of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the U.S. Department of State (DOS), and other federal agencies. ISO serves as WKU’s official liaison and primary point of contact for these federal offices. Based on their directives and regulations, ISO advises students and visiting scholars on matters related to maintaining and or changing immigration statuses, transferring to and from WKU, student and scholar visa issues, work authorization, and other issues.

Once students and visiting scholars have arrived on campus, ISO offers orientation, workshops and programming to promote acculturation, adaptation, and personal adjustment to WKU and the Bowling Green community. Additionally, ISO manages the International Student Diplomat Program which provides mentoring to current and prospective international students to assist them in achieving their personal, educational, and professional goals. ISO works closely with several student-run organizations to help foster interactions between domestic and international students.

Intramural Recreational Sports (IMREC)
Steve Rey, Director
Raymond B. Preston Health & Activities Center
(270) 745-6060

The Department of Intramural-Recreational Sports is located in the Raymond B. Preston Health and Activities Center, a 126,000 square foot facility housing six basketball/volleyball/badminton courts, six racquetball courts, two indoor tennis courts, a swimming pool, a fitness center containing cardiovascular, selectorized strength and free weight equipment, a suspended indoor running track, a dance studio, separate faculty/staff and student locker rooms, a multipurpose room, a smart class room, a Health and Fitness Lab, an Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Center, a pro-shop, a bike repair shop, and the Intramural-Recreational Sports Office.

Preston Center membership fees for all full-time students are included in their tuition during the fall and spring semesters. Part-time students carrying three or more hours may choose to pay for membership ($35.00) on a semester basis. Memberships are available for students' spouses and their children. Summer memberships are also available.

The Intramural-Recreational Sports program provides students, faculty, and staff an opportunity for participation in constructive recreational activities including men's and women's competitive sports, co-recreational sports, recreational free-play, outdoor recreation, sport club activities, instructional programs, fitness services, nutritional education and fitness classes.  The men and women's intramural sports includes programs in badminton, basketball, battleship, bunny hop 5K challenge, dodge ball, flag football, athletic combine challenge, 3-on-3 hoops tournament, kickball, March Madness bracket challenge, pickle ball, NFL Pro Pick‘em, putt putt golf, racquetball, soccer, softball, spikeball, table tennis, team handball, futsal and 3-point challenge, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, whiffle ball home derby, and several extramural events. Sport club programs help students develop a higher skill level in a particular sport or activity. Current sport clubs include badminton, bowling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, disc golf, dodge ball, fencing, field hockey, lacrosse, paintball, racquetball, rugby, soccer, sports officials, tennis, triathlon, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball. Each club must be organized and motivated through students' interests and have a faculty advisor.  

The Health & Fitness Lab provides clinical and educational services to students, faculty, and staff of Western. The lab is staffed by certified fitness professionals and trained students and provides fitness programming such as group fitness classes and various fitness assessments, exercise prescriptions, weight training orientations, nutritional counseling and education services, personal training, massage therapy, and instructional programs such as yoga, dance lessons, self-defense courses, and boot camp programs. Fees are required for these services.

The WKU Health Education & Promotion Program (HEP), located in the Health Services Building adjacent to the Preston Center, provides health education and promotional programming to the student population to assist in making behavioral changes to enhance health and wellness. The program targets other campus stakeholders/departments, peer health educators, interns and community organizations to partner in providing educational forums/presentations, workshops, referrals, individual appointments, training programs, and resource materials to students. Topics include, but are not limited to alcohol, stress and time management, sleep management, healthy relationships, sexual health, men's and women's health, cold and flu prevention, cancer, nutrition, exercise, mental health issues, tobacco and other drugs, and healthy body image/eating disorders. The program incorporates theory and an evidence-based approach including multi-level prevention strategies such as research and data management, advocating for health environmental changes, providing free HIV testing and prevention counseling services, online alcohol and marijuana self-assessments, quit tobacco services, health communication campaigns/publications and more. For more information contact or Kathryn Steward, Asst. Director of Health Education & Promotion.

The Outdoor Recreation Adventure Center (ORAC) at Western Kentucky University enriches the campus experience through outdoor and cultural immersion experiences such as rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, mountain biking, and dog sledding.  ORAC offers both local and nationwide trips, as well as a wide selection of outdoor rental equipment and a full service bike repair shop on campus. ORAC manages the WKU Challenge Course which features both high and low ropes elements. For more information please call (270) 745-6545, M-F 12 pm-6 pm.

Kentucky Museum
Brent Bjorkman, Director
1444 Kentucky Street
(270) 745-2592

The Kentucky Museum is located in the Kentucky Building on the campus of Western Kentucky University. The Museum houses six major permanent exhibits and several changing exhibits. There is a variety of partnerships, services, opportunities, workshops, camps and other outreach provided to the public each year. In addition, the Museum works closely with WKU students and faculty to enhance instruction through a variety of tours, activities and programs. The Museum also works with area K-12 teachers offering both tours and other educational resources. Make plans to visit the Kentucky Museum. 

Lost and Found

Dero Downing Student Union 
(270) 745-5793

Military Student Services
Tonya Archey, Director
Tate Page Hall 408
(270) 745-5837

Western Kentucky University is committed to providing exceptional and affordable options to our military students.  The Office of Military Student Services leads initiatives and offers unique programs to ensure the educational success of our total military student population including active duty, guard and reserve members, veterans, and their family members.  Visit to discover services and programs available, a few of which are:

  • A Veterans Resource Center located in Tate Page Hall 410. 
  • Free textbook loans to eligible students through the Textbooks For Troops program.
  • Discounted Tuition Rate for active duty, reserve, and National Guard members.
  • Federal Tuition Assistance help for all active duty service members from all branches.  WKU participates in GoArmyEd, the AI portal for Air Force personnel and the Navy and Marine Corps TA programs. 

Since 1972 WKU has provided educational opportunities on post at Ft. Knox.  WKU also offers the only Veterans Upward Bound program in KY, an award winning Army ROTC, an Air Force ROTC program, and so much more. 

Western Kentucky University is committed to ensuring flexibility toward obtaining a degree to service members, as stated in the Higher Education Relief Opportunity for Students (HEROES) Act of 2003.  Several WKU policies apply specifically as mentioned below:

  1. The Military Withdrawal policy permits an active duty service member the ability to withdraw from a course or the entire schedule of classes, and receive a tuition and fee refund (see page 34 for more detail).
  2. A degree term extension is available.
  3. Active duty service members may request a grade of incomplete if a relatively small amount of work is not completed, allowing an extension due to deployment.

Military Absence Policy for Official Military Duties and Veteran Administration Medical Appointments

Instructors are expected to show flexibility to Military and Veteran students who have required absences due to military duties or Veteran Administration medical appointments. These absences are mandated and beyond the students’ control. Instructors should not penalize absences of this type in any way. Accommodations and specific time frames to make up all missed assignments, quizzes, and tests will be given and mutually agreed upon by the instructor and student. Students are responsible for notifying faculty members of absences as far in advance as possible, when possible, and for ensuring that their absence is documented. Absences can be verified by official orders, appointment notifications, or through the Office of Military Student Services. Students called to duty for an extended amount of time should be referred to the Military Withdrawal policy. 

WKU also supports and complies with the U.S. Department of Education Readmission policy.

Office of International Programs (OIP)
Mr. Gordon Johnson, Interim Chief International Officer
Sofia-Downing International Center
1536 State Street
(270) 745-3975

The Office of International Programs (OIP) leads initiatives and develops programs to help prepare students to be “productive, engaged leaders in a global society.” WKU's vision is to be "a leading American university with international reach." The foundation for this vision is built upon the knowledge, dedication, and commitment of its faculty, the support of its administrators, and the intellectual curiosity of its students. OIP provides opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to incorporate global perspectives into all aspects of academic life.

Mission: The Office of International Programs at Western Kentucky University will provide leadership in the development of a strong international profile that is recognized both nationally and globally for its excellence. The office will advocate for the strengthening of the international dimensions of the curriculum; development of innovative ways to provide globally educative experiences both at home and abroad; development of active and sustainable international agreements; pursuit of innovative grants; and the creation of community partnerships that center on quality of life issues and economic development for the community, region, and state. The office will support the internationalization agenda of all university departments by providing high-quality student, scholar, and faculty support services. In all of our work we will be guided by the core values of professionalism and ethical behavior.

OIP develops and coordinates programming and events that foster WKU’s international aspirations. OIP sponsors the International Year Of… program, a unique, annual initiative designed to internationalize the WKU campus and surrounding community through a yearlong exploration of a single world region or country. For the International Year Of…(IYO) program, OIP partners with academic and non-academic units to create opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the larger community to engage with and explore a country’s diverse cultural, historical, political, and geographical landscapes—all without a passport. Following consecutive spotlights on Ecuador (2014-15), South Africa (2015-16), and South Korea (2016-17), the IYO will turn its focus to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 2017-18 academic year.   Future IYO countries are: Cuba (2018-19) and Kenya (2019-20). International Education Week, another OIP-led program occurring every fall, is a week-long celebration that provides opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members to engage in intercultural dialogue and experience firsthand diverse cultures and perspectives.

WKU maintains active partnerships with more than fifty-five universities and organizations around the world, creating opportunities for student exchange, faculty mobility, collaborative research, and global engagement. WKU is a founding member of several international education organizations and an active participant in major international education associations.

Office of Scholar Development
Dr. Audra Jennings, Director
Honors College & International Center 2039
(270) 745-5043

The Office of Scholar Development (OSD) works with students on all WKU campuses and in all majors and degree programs, challenging them to dream big and working with them to make those dreams attainable. OSD staff members help students apply for nationally competitive scholarships by assisting students in the process of finding the right programs, making important contacts, developing strong proposals, and revising numerous drafts.

Parking and Transportation  
578 Campbell Lane
(270) 745-2361

Parking and Transportation Services encourage students to leave their vehicles at home as parking is limited on the main campus. PTS provides the following services:

  • FREE Topper Transit bus and para-transit services between locations on the main campus, to and from South Campus, and to various off-campus shopping destinations.
  • GObg public transportation bus passes available at reduced student rates.
  • Car-sharing service provided by Enterprise Car Share allows students to rent vehicles by the hour.
  • Airport shuttle service to Nashville (BNA) provided by Bowling Green Shuttle.

A parking permit is required for all vehicles on campus, including motorcycles. Permits may be purchased at Parking and Transportation Services located at South Campus or ordered online.

Police Department (WKUPD)
Parking Structure #1, Ground Floor
1603 Avenue of Champions
(270) 745-2548
Emergency Number 911

The mission of the Western Kentucky University Police Department is to provide a safe and secure atmosphere that is conducive to learning and teaching.  The Western Kentucky University Police Department is dedicated to supporting this environment through the protection of life and property, preservation of peace, providing proactive Crime Prevention Programs, and enforcing the regulations of Western Kentucky University, the ordinances of the City of Bowling Green, and the statutes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in a fair and impartial manner.

Further, the Western Kentucky University Police Department is committed to providing a “Community Policing” Philosophy in its approach to law enforcement, which is a partnership between faculty, staff, students and police officers that is predominantly service oriented.  The Western Kentucky University Police Department pledges to:

  • Maintain a “Service Oriented” department, providing the university community with an exceptional level of law enforcement resources.
  • Continue to be an integral part of the university community, by tailoring officer training to areas that will better prepare us to meet the varied needs of our faculty, staff, and students, and guests.
  • Continue to be an integral part of the larger Warren County Law Enforcement Community, so that all available resources can be used to benefit and inform the university community of relevant information.
  • Be more sensitive to the needs of a diverse university community, making our faculty, staff, students, and guests feel welcome on our campus.
  • Increase proactive approaches to the level of law enforcement on campus that will discourage repeated criminal activity.

Postal Services
Downing Student Union, Ground Floor
(270) 745-3093

The post office is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except when the University is closed. The post office is full-service offering passport services, fax services, mail box rentals, and packaging items. The University Mail Center located in the Service/Supply Building delivers official campus mail to residence halls Monday through Friday.  All incoming mail from off campus is delivered to residence halls by the Bowling Green Post Office; therefore, it is imperative that a student furnishes a complete mailing address as early as possible to all correspondents.

Regional Campuses

Western Kentucky University is designated by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education as a regional university that is responsible for the needs of students in the designated service area (DSA), which consists of 27 counties.  Undergraduate and graduate courses are offered each semester through regional campuses and other special locations.  Classes are provided to regional campus students via various modalities, including but not limited to traditional face-to-face instruction, interactive video services (IVS) classes, web classes, and blended formats.

WKU Elizabethtown-Fort Knox Campus
Dr. Evelyn Ellis, Regional Chancellor
610 College Street, CRPEC 130
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 706-8870 or (270) 745-5895
Fort Knox
229 Dixie Street
Fort Knox, KY 40121
(270) 351-1192 or (270) 745-2626

WKU began offering courses in Hardin County in 1964, providing graduate classes for teachers and school administrators in local high schools, and then began offering extended campus classes at Fort Knox in 1973. The Fort Knox site is coordinated with the Army Continuing Education System (ACES) and must meet military standards in addition to university, site, and accreditation standards. WKU established an administrative office at Elizabethtown Community College in 1987 and in 1991 the Elizabethtown program was granted "Center" status by the Kentucky Council on Higher Education. WKU Elizabethtown-Fort Knox provides on-site bachelor degree completion programs and graduate programs in Hardin County. A large number of degree programs are available entirely online. Some of the more popular bachelor degree programs include elementary education, middle grades education, social work, psychology, sociology, interdisciplinary studies, and systems management.

WKU Glasgow Campus
Dr. Sally Ray, Regional Chancellor
500 Hilltopper Way
Glasgow, KY 42141
(270) 659-6900 or (270) 745-5096

WKU Glasgow Campus, established in 1988, is located among the rolling hills of Barren County in south-central Kentucky. The largest of WKU’s three regional campuses, WKU Glasgow employs over 100 full-time and part-time faculty and staff. The campus maintains a strong reputation with an excellent faculty and experienced staff, solid academic programs, exceptional students, and successful graduates. WKU Glasgow offers a wide variety of associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree programs and certificates to meet the needs of citizens in Barren County and the surrounding area. The campus also offers general education and developmental courses for students. Personal attention, convenient scheduling, financial assistance, student services, easy access, and ample parking make WKU Glasgow a perfect choice for both traditional and post-traditional students. For more information regarding academic program offerings, please consult our website.

WKU Owensboro Campus
Dr. Gene Tice, Regional Chancellor
4821 New Hartford Road
Owensboro, KY 42303
(270) 684-9797 or (270) 745-5095

WKU Owensboro offers 21 bachelor’s degrees, 26 master’s degrees and 35 undergraduate and graduate certificate programs that can be completed locally or online. Courses are offered in a variety of flexible delivery formats including face-to-face, interactive video services (IVS), online and on demand. Approximately 35 part-time adjunct instructors plus full-time instructors from WKU Owensboro and WKU Bowling Green teach over 200 classes at WKU Owensboro each year. The campus is continually striving to add new majors and programs to meet the workforce needs of Owensboro, Daviess County, and the surrounding area.

The WKU Owensboro campus began with 82 students in the summer of 1969. Today, WKU Owensboro has more than 600 undergraduate and graduate students. The campus offers junior and senior level classes as well as graduate classes. Joint admissions agreements have been established with Owensboro Community and Technical College and nine other community colleges located in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. These agreements enable students to complete an associate degree and move on to a WKU baccalaureate. Indiana students can also benefit from in-state tuition granted to students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at WKU Owensboro and who live in Dubois, Gibson, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick counties. This cost-saving opportunity is only available to students taking face-to-face courses at the Owensboro campus.  WKU Owensboro is proud to offer the Professional MBA program and the Educational Leadership doctoral program on its regional campus.

Restaurant Group
Downing Student Union 2096
(270) 745-2416

WKU Restaurant Group offers a wide variety of dining options.  We offer economical and convenient Meal Plans for all students. For additional information or to sign up for a Meal Plan or Dining Dollars account, visit or call 270-745-2416.

Student Accessibility Resource Center
Robert Unseld, Jr., Director
Downing Student Union 1074
(270) 745-5004 or TTY (270) 745-3030

The Office for Student Disability Services (SDS) provides accommodations for students with disabilities specific to their individual disability and/or impairment and coordinates activities through individual faculty members, other campus offices, and public agencies. These accommodations may include note takers, extended time on tests, a distraction-free testing area, textbooks on CDs, priority in academic advising/registering, etc.  SDS assures accessibility in classrooms, laboratories, and housing.  Interpreting and captioning services are available for deaf and hard of hearing students. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the SDS office with any special concerns or needs prior to or while attending WKU.  Both consultation and technical assistance are available.

Study Abroad and Global Learning (SAGL)
Mr. Gordon Johnson, Interim Chief International Officer
Honors College & International Center 1014
(270) 745-5334

The Office of Study Abroad & Global Learning (SAGL) serves the WKU community by engaging students, faculty, and staff in diverse educational and cultural experiences through faculty-led, exchange, consortia, and other study abroad opportunities.

Study abroad programs at WKU offer students the opportunity to incorporate international academic, professional, and cross-cultural experiences into their education. WKU offers a wide variety of international education opportunities for a range of academic disciplines and budget needs. Students can choose to study, intern, volunteer, student teach, or conduct research abroad during any academic term.

Students who wish to study abroad should start planning early to ensure the most affordable and academically enriching experience. When planning a study abroad experience, each student should be aware of the university’s academic requirements and regulations contained in this catalog. It is recommended that students work closely with their academic departments and the SAGL office to carefully select a program that meets their academic needs, fulfilling specific degree requirements through courses offered on the program.

Types of Study Abroad Programs

WKU students wishing to study in another country have a variety of options from which to choose. The options available to graduate students include the following program types: short-term faculty-led programs, exchange programs, WKU partner programs, and provider programs. More detailed information on all study abroad options can be found on the SAGL website, but a brief overview of each type of program follows.

  • WKU Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs 
    Many WKU students who study abroad do so by taking a course in another country on a program personally led by a WKU faculty member. These courses are typically 1-7 weeks in length and carry 3-6 credit hours, and they generally occur during the winter or summer terms.

  • WKU Exchange Programs
    WKU has formal agreements with more than a dozen institutions of higher education outside the United States. Exchange programs are typically for a semester or an academic year, and they offer students the opportunity to become fully integrated into a foreign university. Shorter-term opportunities exist with some exchange partners.

  • WKU Partner Programs
    WKU has close partnerships with several programs and study abroad consortia. The two on-campus consortia partners—the Kentucky Institution for International Studies (KIIS) and the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA)—offer affordable short-term program options with both undergraduate- and graduate-level course offerings, several of which are taught by WKU faculty members.

  • Provider Programs
    WKU has affiliation agreements with a variety of study abroad program providers which offer a plethora of short-term, semester, and academic year programs in numerous countries around the world. Students who are unable to find a program that meets their academic needs through faculty-led, exchange programs, or WKU partner programs can certainly find good options through affiliate providers.

Financing Study Abroad
Scholarships and financial aid are available for most study abroad programs. Even the most expensive program can be affordable when students use all of the resources available to them. Students who are eligible for financial aid and/or are receiving scholarships can typically use those awards towards the cost of a study abroad program.  The Office of Study Abroad and Global Learning, the Student Financial Assistance Office, and the Office of Scholar Development can help students plan financially for this important investment in their college education.

WKU has created several significant study abroad scholarships to support WKU students who pursue international opportunities. These scholarships include the World Topper Scholarship and the Diversity Abroad Grant (DAG). While the World Topper Scholarship is intended to support any WKU student planning to study abroad, the DAG is intended to provide significant financial support for diverse students. For more information about these and other scholarship opportunities available through WKU and external organizations, visit the SAGL webpage (

Safety & Code of Conduct
The safety of our students is of paramount importance. Students are provided with information pertaining to insurance requirements, emergency procedures, and health and safety abroad during the pre-departure process, both in writing through SAGL’s online application and enrollment tracking system, and in person at the mandatory pre-departure orientation session. Additional on-site orientation is provided upon arrival in the destination country. Students are also required to register with the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) prior to departure, which enables the State Department to reach students directly when security-related information is issued or updated. While abroad, WKU students are held to the standards set forth in the university’s Student Code of Conduct. The Office of Judicial Affairs will be notified of any serious disciplinary violations that occur during an education abroad experience.

Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex (CEC)
Dr. Mary Lloyd Moore, Director
(270) 745-4232

The Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex (CEC) houses the Communication Disorders Clinic, the Renshaw Early Childhood Center, the Family Resource Program, and the Kelly Autism Program. The CEC provides applied research opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students and valuable services to the community at large. This complex is a comprehensive clinical setting for education and health and human services professionals. The CEC builds upon a strong tradition at Western Kentucky University to meet community needs, fill service delivery gaps, provide opportunities for applied research, and enrich both undergraduate and graduate students’ educational experiences through an interdisciplinary teaching approach.

University Libraries
Susann deVries, Dean
Helm-Cravens Library
(270) 745-6125

WKU Libraries supports the informational, research and curricular needs of students, faculty and staff by selecting, acquiring, organizing and providing access to print, non-print, and electronic library resources. Research assistance is offered in person, by phone or virtually. Research instruction and orientation classes are available to individuals or to classes upon request. A wireless environment enhances research, collaboration, or quiet study.

The Helm-Cravens Library houses a research collection of over a million items, is a federal depository for US government documents, and offers an extensive collection of books, access to e-books, databases, streaming videos, and foreign and independent films. The Educational Resources Center (Gary Ransdell Hall), the Visual & Performing Arts Library (VPAL, Cravens 2nd floor) and campus libraries in Glasgow, Owensboro and Elizabethtown-Fort Knox have additional collections and access to all electronic resources. Distance learning students are served through Distance Education Library Services which delivers materials electronically. Primary access to collections for all students on and off-campus is through a single search of most library resources at

The main entrance to the Helm-Cravens Library is on the fourth floor of the Cravens building near the Fine Arts Building. The Commons at Cravens has a single service point for research, technology and writing, as well as being adjacent to Circulation Services where patrons may charge out library materials and request laptops. The Commons offers a variety of study spaces and 30 lab computers. The Department of Library Public Services office is located on the fifth floor of Cravens. The remainder of the fifth floor, and floors 6 through 9 house the main portion of the circulating book collection, offices, conference rooms, and graduate student study carrels. VPAL has collections in music, theatre, dance, art, photography, and costume, including educational and popular DVDs, CDs and vinyl records. It provides a special listening and viewing area, soundproof rooms, a large-scale digital scanner, and the Libraries’ main reserve collection. The Department of Library Technical Services, which handles the acquisition, processing of and access to all library resources and student personnel, is located on the third floor of Cravens. The Dean of Libraries office and staff are on the first floor.

The Helm building connects to the Cravens building through walkways on the fourth and fifth floors of Cravens to the first and second floors of Helm respectively. The Reference collection and Interlibrary Loan are located on the first floor of Helm. Journals, microforms, and newspapers, are located on Helm second floor. Current periodicals and bound volumes of periodicals published since 1986 are located here. The Student Technology Center is also on the second floor with computers and presentation rooms for student use. The ground floor of Helm contains the federal depository documents collection, selected Kentucky state documents, and the law collection, as well as bound periodicals prior to 1986. See Services for Students at for additional information.

The Department of Library Special Collections, located in the Kentucky Building, houses a wealth of primary research material in various formats including rare books, newspapers, sheet music, and photographs, as well as non-print items including motion picture films, audio recordings, university records and memorabilia. Most, but not all, of these study and research collections relate to Kentucky history and life.  These materials are non-circulating and must be used in the building; however many examples from the collection are now available online at, then clicking Special Collections or using the One-Search Library Catalog.

Each service area or campus location has printed library guides, or check the online site at for research guides, news and updates. The library also has a mobile app and manages TopSCHOLAR, the research and creative activity database at WKU, which provides access to student and faculty work at

WKU Store
Downing Student Union, Ground Floor
(270) 745-2466

The WKU Store has been owned and operated by Western Kentucky University since 1923. All purchases made at the store help support WKU students, faculty, and staff.  The WKU Store provides the largest in-town selection of used and rental textbooks—including custom texts and digital formats. A textbook reservation program is available for fall and spring semesters, and students can bill textbooks and supplies to their university account at the beginning of each fall and spring term.  The WKU Store is an Apple authorized seller featuring MacBooks, iMacs, iPads and accessories, as well as Dell, Acer and other brands. A large selection of WKU apparel and merchandise is also available.  

Campus Directory

The complete WKU directory includes contact information for students, faculty, staff, and departments. The following list is a quick reference of those offices that most directly affect graduate students.