Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Business Administration, Master of Business Administration (057)

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Program Coordinator

Dana M. Cosby,, (270) 745-6581

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides a professional graduate education that prepares graduates for successful business and organizational leadership careers. Students receive a solid education across all of the business disciplines by taking core courses in accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management, and marketing (21 credit hours).  To deepen their expertise, students will select from one of the following concentrations (9 hours): Supply Chain Management, Business Data Analytics, Cyber Security Management, Six Sigma/Lean Management, or Interdisciplinary Studies.


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security Analytics
  • Six Sigma/Lean Management
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Joint Undergraduate Master's Program (JUMP)

This degree offers a Joint Undergraduate Master's Program (JUMP) which provides academically outstanding students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree in approximately five years.  Contact the graduate program coordinator for additional information.

Program Admission

Applicant materials are reviewed during the normal admission cycles. Students accepted into the MBA program will receive written notification and additional orientation materials. Students not admitted will be notified in writing and may be encouraged to reapply during the next regular admissions cycle.

The admission process for the MBA program at Western Kentucky University involves the following steps and requirements1:

  1. Completion of Graduate School admission application, a current resume with two references listed, and an official copy of a GMAT score taken within the last five years.
  2. Applicants seeking admission must meet the following criteria: minimum undergraduate overall grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale, a minimum overall GMAT score of 500, and a written GMAT score of 3.5. Applicants not meeting these standards may be considered on a case-by-case basis if applicant has a GAP score of 1100 or more [GAP = GMAT total scaled score + (Undergraduate GPA x 200)].
  3. Applicants may use substantial professional work experience (five years minimum of professional or mid to upper level management experience) to overcome deficiencies in other program admission criteria.
  4. The GMAT requirement will be waived for students who:
    1. already possess a doctoral degree (MD, JD, DO, DDS, PharmD, PhD, EdD, etc.) or those who have completed and passed all sections of the CPA exam;
    2. have earned a bachelor's degree with a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher in a business program in the Gordon Ford College of Business at WKU or other AACSB accredited program.
  5. Applicants who have limited prior academic background in basic business are required to demonstrate proficiency in major areas by successfully completing one of the following:
    1. one or more preparatory courses as specified by the MBA Director;
    2. BA 502;
    3. one or more core area proficiency exams (fees required).

Graduate School Admission

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (30 hours)

Required Courses
BA 510Advanced Organizational Behavior3
BA 511Applied Micro Economic Theory3
BA 513Contemporary Business Analytics3
BA 515Managerial Accounting3
BA 517Advanced Marketing3
BA 519Advanced Managerial Finance3
BA 590Strategic Business Concepts and Applications3
Total Hours30

 Supply Chain Management Concentration

BA 579Supply Chain Management3
BA 583Procurement Management3
BA 584Supply Chain Analytics3
Total Hours9

Business Data Analytics Concentration

BDAN 515Data Management3
BDAN 517Predictive Analytics3
BDAN 519Visualization and Decision Making3
Total Hours9

Six Sigma/Lean Management Concentration

EGMT 540Theory of Constraints3
EGMT 580Six Sigma Quality3
EGMT 594Lean Systems3
Total Hours9

Cyber Security Management Concentration

CYSA 520Principles of Cybersecurity for Data Analytics3
CYSA 522Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance3
CYSA 524Cybersecurity Orchestration Using Data Analytics3
Total Hours9

Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration

With approval from the MBA Director, students may create an interdisciplinary concentration for professional interests, drawing from courses throughout the university. 

Select 9 hours from the following:
Advanced Accounting Information Systems and Data Analytics
Special Topics in Managerial Accounting
Special Topics in Tax Research and Planning
Data Management
Predictive Analytics
Visualization and Decision Making
Principles of Cybersecurity for Data Analytics
Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance
Cybersecurity Orchestration Using Data Analytics
Supply Chain Management
Procurement Management
Supply Chain Analytics
Theory of Constraints
Six Sigma Quality
Lean Systems
Foodservice Systems Management
Community Nutrition
Seminar in Concepts and Methods of Dietetic Practice