Graduate Catalog 2022-2023

Ogden College of Science and Engineering

Dr. David N. Brown, Dean
Dr. Cathleen Webb, Associate Dean for Research
Dr. Stuart Burris, Associate Dean
College High Hall 2114
(270) 745-4449


The mission of Ogden College of Science and Engineering is to empower individuals to become leaders through academic achievement, global connections, and engagement in research, education and service.


Ogden College of Science and Engineering is a community of creative and critical thinkers achieving local to global impact.

Ogden College of Science and Engineering encompasses both applied and basic sciences.  Students have an opportunity to choose advanced study and research in a broad range of subjects, including agriculture, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, construction management, engineering, geosciences, architectural science, advanced manufacturing, materials, mathematics, meteorology, physics, homeland security sciences, and psychology. We are recognized by the high quality and success of our students and graduates.  Students receive personal attention to professional development through engagement with faculty in projects that expand on classroom instruction. Ogden College is home to the Applied Research and Technology Program (ARTP), a multidisciplinary program consisting of 10 scientific and service-oriented Centers and Institutes designed to prepare students for the knowledge-based 21st Century global economy. These Centers meet the research and technical needs of the community, state and nation while providing unique opportunities for students to transition from academia to the workplace or graduate programs through participation in supervised, hands-on applied research and technological projects. Students grow intellectually and professionally through participation in these activities. Each center operates within a cooperative and interdisciplinary framework to apply state-of-the-art science toward finding cost effective solutions to environmental and health issues and to the technological problems of government and industry. The ARTP serves as a catalyst for economic development in the region and beyond.