Graduate Catalog 2022-2023

Cybersecurity Data Analytics, Master of Science (0502)

This program is the study of cybersecurity defenses using data analytics to support the principles of data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  In this program, students will learn to defend proactively and continuously improve the enterprise's security with an emphasis on using data analytics. Students will learn about the latest techniques in data management, data mining models, and data visualization.  Students will also learn about cybersecurity policies and compliance issues from an information assurance and risk management perspective.


  • Local Government Administration (CDLG)
  • Organizational Communication (CDOC)
  • Healthcare Administration (CDHA)

Program Admission

Applicants must have completed an introductory statistics course and an intermediate to advanced spreadsheet course prior to enrolling in the certificate program.

Applicants are encouraged to have completed an introduction to networking course with a C-grade or better or hold a current Security+ certification.

Graduate School Admission

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (30 hours)

This program consists of twenty-one hours of core classes and nine hours from one of three concentrations listed below.

Required Courses
CYSA 520Principles of Cybersecurity for Data Analytics3
CYSA 522Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance3
CYSA 524Cybersecurity Orchestration Using Data Analytics3
BDAN 513Contemporary Business Analytics3
BDAN 515Data Management3
BDAN 517Predictive Analytics3
BDAN 519Visualization and Decision Making3
Select a concentration9
Total Hours30

Local Government Administration Concentration 

PS 526Local Government Administration3
PS 528Civic Engagement and E-Governance3
Advisor Approved Elective3
Elements of Public Administration
Cultural Competencies for Public Administrators
Cross-Sector Collaboration & Conflict
Public Policy Implementation & Evaluation
Total Hours9

Organizational Communication Concentration

Advisor Approved Electives 19
Health Communication
Communication in the Nonprofit Sector
Health Communication Campaigns
Multinational Organizational Communication
Crisis Communication
Communication and Organizational Identification
Organizational Communication in the Digital Age
Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
Applied Organizational Communication
Process of Group Communication
Intercultural Communication

Health Care Administration Concentration

Advisor Approved Electives9
Health Care Organization and Management
Strategic Management & Marketing of Health Services
Health Care Human Resources Administration
Managerial Finance for Health Services
Health Economics & Policy