Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Mathematics, Master of Arts (049)

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Program Coordinator

Nicholas C. Fortune,, (270) 745-6231

This online program is intended for students who are secondary teachers who already hold teacher certification and are seeking rank change through earning a Master's degree.  In addition, completion of this degree program would qualify the classroom teacher to teach dual credit mathematics courses at the high school level, teach at a community college or technical school, or pursue a PhD/EdD in mathematics education. This degree does not provide initial teacher certification or prepare a student for a PhD  in mathematics.

Program Admission

To be admitted to the M.A. program, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Satisfy one of the following conditions:
    1. have a GPA of at least 3.0 in their undergraduate major, or
    2. have a GRE general score of at least 300.
  2. A bachelor's degree in mathematics, OR the completion of the following undergraduate courses, with at most one deficiency:
    1. calculus sequence through multivariable calculus
    2. linear algebra
    3. discrete mathematics
    4. probability or calculus-based statistics
    5. abstract algebra
    6. geometry

Applicants must also have or be eligible for a teaching certificate for Secondary Mathematics (grades 8-12). A copy of the certificate or statement of eligibility must be submitted with the application.

Graduate School Admission

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (30 hours)

This program is designed to develop mathematics teachers who can positively impact student learning in their classrooms and schools. Courses and experiences include a study of advanced mathematics. The capstone for the MA in Mathematics is a research project that focuses on the teaching and learning of mathematics, from an advanced perspective.

Comprehensive exams in mathematics are required. A student who chooses to do a thesis is required to complete 6 hours of MATH 599 and to give an oral defense of the thesis.

Required Courses
MATH 501Introduction to Probability and Statistics I3
MATH 503Introduction to Analysis3
MATH 511Algebra from an Advanced Perspective3
MATH 512Geometry from an Advanced Perspective3
MATH 515Introduction to Number Theory3
MATH 585Advanced Mathematical Thinking I3
MATH 595Advanced Mathematical Thinking II3
Select 9 hours of the following:9
Numerical Analysis I
Numerical Analysis II
History of Mathematics
Algebra and Number Theory
Algebraic Systems
Problem Solving for Secondary Teachers
Geometry II
Intermediate Analysis I
Partial Differential Equations
Topology I
Complex Variables
Introduction to Operations Research
Readings in Mathematics
Application of Technology to Problems in Mathematics
Intermediate Statistics
Mathematical Modeling and Applications
Topics from Algebra
Applied Probability
Advanced Differential Equations
Real Analysis
Advanced Applied Mathematics- I
Advanced Applied Mathematics- II
Topology II
Stochastic Processes
Graph Theory
Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics
Complex Analysis
Topics in Operations Research
Special Topics in Mathematics
Statistical Methods I
Statistical Methods II
Total Hours30

Secondary Education Completion Requirements

  1. Successfully complete all courses with a grade of C or higher
  2. Give acceptable presentation of action research in approved venue.
  3. Achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA overall in all course work.
  4. Successful completion of comprehensive exams.