Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Game Design, Certificate (1761)

Program Coordinator

Kristina E. Arnold, kristina.arnold@wku.edu, (270) 745-3944

Program Requirements (18 hours)

Game Design is an interdisciplinary certificate including departments from PCAL (Art, Communication) and OCSE (Computer Science). It is open to all students with an interest in computer game design.
Students who successfully complete the certificate will:
  • Design and build a functioning game.
  • Demonstrate practical skills in at least one industry-standard programming language.
  • Explore at least one industry-standard game design engine.
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully use the elements and principles of design to visually communicate ideas.
  • Demonstrate logical thinking, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving.
This 6-course, 18-hour Game Design Certificate includes one basic Computer Science course (to be selected from CS 146 or CS 170 or CS 180 or CS 239), one required Computer Science course (CS 301), one foundations-level art course (to be selected from ART 130 or ART 131 or ART 140), one required art course (ANIM 310), one Communication course (UX 380), and one restricted elective to be selected from: ANTH 448ART 105; ART 106; ANIM 344; ART 390; ART 405; ART 431; ART 436; BCOM 264; CS 270; CS 290; ENG 203; ENT 312; MUS 120; POP 201; THEA 101; THEA 303; SOCL 245; UX 330; or an additional selection from the basic computer science courses (CS 146; CS 170; CS 180; CS 239). Within Computer Science, courses must be taken in numerical sequence, no other specific course sequences are necessary. This flexibility allows for multiple entry points into the program.
Required Courses (18 hours)
CS 301Game Programming3
ANIM 3103
UX 380Gaming, Culture, Theory and Practice3
Select one course from the following Computer Science courses (3 hours):3
Introduction to Programming
Problem Solving and Programming
Computer Science I
Problem Solving with Computational Techniques
Select one course from the following Art courses (3 hours):3
Two-Dimensional Design
Three-Dimensional Design
Elective Course (3 hours)3
Visual Anthropology
History of Art to 1300
History of Art Since 1300
ANIM 344
Contemporary Art
Art Theory and Criticism
Electronic Illustration
Digital Video Production and Distribution
Introduction to Web Programming
Computer Science II
Creative Writing
Music Appreciation
Introduction to Popular Culture Studies
Acting I
Acting for the Camera
Sociology of Popular Culture
Interactive Design
Or select from the following Computer Science courses:
Introduction to Programming
Problem Solving and Programming
Computer Science I
Problem Solving with Computational Techniques
Total Hours18