Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Graphic Design, Certificate (1762)

Program Coordinator

Natalie C. Tyree, natalie.tyree@wku.edu

Program Requirements (18 hours)

This 6-course, 18-hour Graphic Design Certificate includes four required courses and two restricted electives, all taught in the Department of Art. Required courses are ART 130 OR ART 140 ; ART 243; ART 231; and ART 334 (an art history course). Electives can be selected from ART 330; ART 331; ART 430; ART 431; ART 432; ART 433; ART 436 and ART 438. 100-level courses are prerequisites for 200-level courses; 200-levels are prerequisites for 300-levels; and 300-levels are prerequisites for 400-levels. If no 400- level courses are selected, the certificate can be completed in three semesters, or two semesters and a summer / winter session.
This certificate will teach students to become more effective visual communicators. Students will learn the basic tenets, strategies and tools of visual communication and graphic design, including how to generate and edit images and visually-based multimedia content. Students will learn industry-standard tools and software for both analog and computer-aided design for digital, print and web applications; including page layout, image editing, and illustration. Students will gain experience in creating assets for use in book and scientific illustration and layout, advertising or marketing campaigns, and infographics. Elective courses allow students to cater to more specific interests (for example illustration) if desired. This certificate can be paired with any major that would benefit from an enhanced ability in visual communication, including studio art, professional writing, marketing, advertising, journalism, broadcasting, film, entrepreneurship, and biology, among others.
Required Courses (12 hours)
ART 130Two-Dimensional Design3
or ART 140 Drawing
ART 243Digital Media3
ART 231Graphic Design I: Typography3
ART 334Survey of Graphic Design3
Restricted Electives (6 hours)6
Select two courses from the following Art courses:
Graphic Design II: Layout & Information Design
Visual Thinking
Graphic Design III: Advanced Graphic Design
Package Design
Digital Illustration
Advanced Media Design
Total Hours18