Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Gender & Women’s Studies, Minor (378)

Department website: http://www.wku.edu/womensstudies

Program Coordinator

Marla K. Zubel, marla.zubel@wku.edu

GWS Office Phone: (270) 745-6477
GWS Program Email: womensstudies@wku.edu
GWS Office Location: Cherry Hall 301

Mission Statement

The Gender & Women's Studies Program broadens students’ knowledge of gender dynamics, globally and historically, with an emphasis on issues central to women's lives. Through an interdisciplinary classroom experience, community outreach, and special events, the Gender and Women’s Studies Program advances understanding of the social and cultural institutions and practices that affect us.


  • sharpen ability to critically analyze gender issues
  • encourage the practice of feminist scholarship
  • enhance intellectual and personal growth
  • foster an atmosphere in which diversity and sustainability are valued
  • advocate ethical conduct, social justice, and responsible global citizenship

Program Requirements (21 hours) 

Course requirements include 6 hours of required courses, plus 15 hours of electives, with no more than 9 elective hours from any one prefix. 
Core Courses6
Introduction to Gender And Women's Studies
Western Feminist Thought
Elective Course Options 15
American Masculinities
Special Topics in Gender and Women’s Studies
Directed Study
Communities of Struggle
Radical Blackness
African American Literature
African American Literature
Anthropology of Gender
Gender, Crime, and Justice
Gender Communication
Seminar in Political Communication
Dance in Culture: Moving History
Narrative, Discourse, and Prison Systems
Introduction to Linguistics
Popular Culture and Gender: Signs & Narratives
Queer Literature
Film Adaptation
Studies in Autobiography
Postcolonial Studies
Film Genres
Film Genres
Victorian Literature and Culture
The English Novel
Women’s Literature
Family Relations
Family and Relationship Violence
Cultural Diversity in the U S
Cultural Connections and Diversity
Folklore and the Media
Women’s Folklife
Introduction to World Cinema
Topics in World Cinema
Black Intellectual History
Twentieth Century Europe
History of Sexuality
American Legal History Since 1865
American Women’s History
Philosophy and Gender Theory
Women and the Law
Minority Politics
Women and Politics
Human Sexuality
Women’s Health
Social Psychology
Social Psychology
Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology
Psychology of Women
Psychology of Sexuality
Pilgrimage, Islam and Modernity
Islam in America: Hope & Hip Hop
Women and Religion
Religion and the Environment
Religious Studies Seminar
Media Diversity
Marriage and Family
Systems of Social Inequality
Sociology of Gender
Sexuality and Society
Social Institutions: Race, Class, and Gender
Family Violence
Gender, Family, and Society
Culture and Performance
Topics in Drama
Total Hours21

No more than nine hours of electives may be taken in any one prefix. Because new courses are added and occasionally dropped from the categories below, students should consult the latest information on the website (www.wku.edu/womensstudies) or in the Gender and Women’s Studies office in Cherry Hall 301.

Additional offerings include special topics courses in various disciplines.