Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Asian Religions and Cultures, Bachelor of Arts (615)

Program Coordinator

James W. Barker, james.barker@wku.edu, (270) 745-3841

Asian Religions and Cultures


The continent of Asia is home to some of the most ancient and formative civilizations in history.  The world's largest religious traditions have their origins on the continent, and Asian peoples have shaped and reshaped how humanity understands itself and the world for centuries.  The Asian Religions and Cultures (ARC) major facilitates understanding of the continent and its peoples, allowing students to understand not only the Asian past but to put current issues and problems into a broader historical, religious, and cultural context.

Program Requirements (31 hours)

A baccalaureate degree requires a minimum of 120 unduplicated semester hours. More information can be found at www.wku.edu/registrar/degree_certification.php.

Students who began WKU in the Fall 2014 and thereafter should review the Colonnade requirements located at: https://www.wku.edu/colonnade/colonnaderequirements.php.

Religion Courses
Select three of the following courses:9
Religions of Asia
Religions of the Middle East
Select one of the following one year sequences:6
Elementary Arabic I
and Elementary Arabic II
Elementary Chinese I
and Elementary Chinese II
Intensive Elementary Chinese I
and Intensive Elementary Chinese II
Elementary Japanese I
and Elementary Japanese II
Introductory Pali I
and Pali II
History and Politics
Select two of the following courses:6
Introduction to Asian Civilization
Modern South Asia: from Empires to Nations
Traditional East Asia
Modern East Asia
History of the Middle East
Modern China
Modern Japan
Government and Politics of the Middle East
Government and Politics in East Asia
Select three of the following courses or any of the previous courses:7-9
Intermediate Arabic I
Intermediate Arabic II
Topics in Asian Religions and Cultures
Study in Asian Religions and Cultures
Peoples and Cultures of Asia
Islamic Art and Architecture
Intermediate Chinese I
Intermediate Chinese II
Intensive Intermediate Chinese I
Geography of East Asia
Geography of the Middle East
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
The New Testament
The Old Testament/ Hebrew Scriptures
The Qur'an
Senior Project
ARC 499Senior Seminar1
Total Hours29-31

Note: students must take courses from at least four different departments. At least 17 hours must be at the 300-level or above. A second major or minor is required.

Finish in Four Plan - Asian Religions and Cultures (615)

First Year
COMM 145 or ENG 1003COMM 145 or ENG 1003
HIST 101 or HIST 1023MATH 109 (or higher)3
Colonnade: Natural & Physical Science3Asian History or Politics Course3
Asian Language Course (101)3Asian Language Course (102)3
Colonnade: Social & Behavioral Sciences3Colonnade: Natural & Physical Science w/lab3
 15 15
Second Year
ARC Elective (or additional language work)3ARC Elective (or additional language work)3
RELS 2003Asian Religion Course3
Asian Religion Course3Colonnade: Connections (Social & Cultural) -- Recommend RELS 3183
Asian History OR Politics Course32nd Major/Minor Course3
ARC 100 (OR others Colonnade: Arts & Humanities)32nd Major/Minor Course3
 15 15
Third Year
Asian Religion Course3ARC Elective3
2nd Major/Minor Course32nd Major/Minor Course3
2nd Major/Minor Course3Colonnade: Connections (Local to Global)3
ENG 3003ARC 4991
General Elective3General Elective3
 General Elective2
 15 15
Fourth Year
Colonnade: Connections (Systems)32nd Major/Minor Course3
2nd Major/Minor Course3General Elective3
2nd Major/Minor Course3General Elective3
General Elective3General Elective3
General Elective3General Elective3
 15 15
Total Hours 120