Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Digital Advertising, Certificate (1768)

Program Coordinator

Cliff P. Shaluta, cliff.shaluta@wku.edu, (270) 745-5833

Digital Advertising enables businesses to track consumer behavior, create targeted campaigns, and optimize their communication strategies based on data-driven insights. By studying digital Advertising, you’ll gain knowledge of various digital tools, techniques, and media platforms that enhance brand visibility and drive revenue growth. If you're passionate about creativity, strategic thinking, and shaping brands through communication, WKU’s Digital AD Certificate offers a unique opportunity to add highly marketable skills to your current major.

Program Requirements (18 hours)

Core Courses
AD 230Digital Tools3
AD 240Advertising in a Digital World3
AD 300Research in Advertising and Public Relations3
or COMM 300 Introduction to Communication Research Methods
or SOCL 302 Social Research Methods
or PS 302 Research Design in Political Science
AD 330Branding3
AD 349Advertising Media3
Choose One of the following Electives 3
Personal Branding
Communications Analytics in Public Relations and Advertising
Basic Marketing Concepts
Personal Selling
Social Media Marketing
Fundamentals of Public Relations
User Interface Design
Total Hours18