Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts (745)

Program Coordinator

Michael J. Seidler, michael.seidler@wku.edu

Philosophy, thought Socrates, begins with the recognition that an unexamined life is not worth living.  Accordingly, those who study philosophy question how to understand ourselves and our relationships to other persons, to society, to nature, to the universe, and, for some, to God.

Philosophy develops our ability to challenge the obvious, trains us to analyze and synthesize ideas, and shows us both how to defend and how to criticize normative claims about actions, policies, and ways of life.  By carefully examining and discussing both traditional and contemporary works, it cultivates habits of honest reflection, careful reasoning, and clear thinking.

Program Requirements (31 hours)

A baccalaureate degree requires a minimum of 120 unduplicated semester hours. More information can be found at www.wku.edu/registrar/degree_certification.php.

Students who began WKU in the Fall 2014 and thereafter should review the Colonnade requirements located at: https://www.wku.edu/colonnade/colonnaderequirements.php.

The major in philosophy requires a minimum of 31 semester hours and leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. At least 18 hours must be in courses numbered 300 or above. A minor or second major is required.

Logic, Epistemology, and Metaphysics
Select two of the following:6
Logic, Argument, and Practical Reasoning
Symbolic Logic
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Mind: Minds and Machines
Philosophy of Language
Metaphysics and Epistemology
Advanced Logic
History of Philosophy
Select two of the following:6
Analytic Philosophy
Plato and Aristotle
Skeptics, Stoics, and Epicureans
Medieval Philosophy
Early Modern Moral Philosophy
Descartes and Hume
Kant and Idealism
Leibniz and Locke
20th Century Philosophy
Readings in Ancient or Medieval Philosophy
Readings in Modern or Contemporary Philosophy
Introduction to Political Theory
Ethics and Values
Select two of the following:6
Racial Justice
Philosophy and Popular Culture
Philosophy of Public Space; Reason, Action & Violence
Why Are Bad People Bad?
Philosophy and Gender Theory
Biomedical Ethics
Social Ethics
War and Peace
Marx and Critical Theory
Early Modern Moral Philosophy
Ethical Theory
Philosophy and Old Age
Philosophy of Law
Senior Seminar
PHIL 496Senior Seminar1
Any philosophy course or the following courses:12
The Meaning of Life; Atheism to Zen
Total Hours31

An honors option is available for ambitious and high-achieving students seeking additional opportunities for intensive philosophical investigation. This may be pursued through honors-enriched versions of any philosophy course, and by writing a formal honors thesis in addition to the 31-hour program requirement. More details about an honors degree in philosophy can be obtained by contacting the department chair or any philosophy faculty member.

Finish in Four Plan 

First Year
COMM 145 or ENG 1003ENG 100 or COMM 1453
HIST 101 or HIST 1023MATH 109 (or higher)3
Colonnade: Natural & Physical Sciences3Colonnade: Natural & Physical Sciences with lab3-4
Philosophy: Logic, Epistemology, and Metaphysics Course3Philosophy: Logic, Epistemology, and Metaphysics Course3
PHIL 101, PHIL 102, or PHIL 1033Colonnade: Social & Behavioral Science3
 15 15-16
Second Year
RELS 200 or ENG 2003ENG 3003
Philosophy: Ethics and Values Course3Colonnade: Connections (Social & Cultural)3
Philosophy: History of Philosophy Course3Philosophy: History of Philosophy Course3
2nd Major/Minor Course3Philosophy: Ethics and Values Course3
2nd Major/Minor Course32nd Major/Minor Course3
 15 15
Third Year
Philosophy: Elective Course3Philosophy: Elective Course3
Colonnade: Connections (Systems)32nd Major/Minor Course3
General Elective3Colonnade: Connections (Local to Global)3
2nd Major/Minor Course3General Elective3
2nd Major/Minor Course3PHIL 4963
 15 15
Fourth Year
Philosophy: Elective Course32nd Major/Minor Course3
2nd Major/Minor Course3General Elective3
2nd Major/Minor Course3General Elective3
General Elective3General Elective3
General Elective3General Elective3
 15 15
Total Hours 120-121