Department of Economics

Catherine Carey, Chair
Grise Hall 431
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Mary C. Carey, PhD (Economics), University of Kentucky, 1992

Brian L. Goff, PhD (Economics), George Mason University, 1986

Hak Y. Kim, PhD (Economics), University of Cincinnati Main Campus, 1982

Brian K. Strow, PhD (Economics), Vanderbilt University, 2000

Claudia W. Strow, PhD (Economics), Vanderbilt University, 2002

Michelle W. Trawick, PhD (Economics, Statistics), North Carolina State University, 1996

Dennis P. Wilson, PhD (Economics), University of Kentucky, 1999

Associate Professor

Alexander G. Lebedinsky, PhD (Economics), Georgetown University, 2004

David M. Zimmer, PhD (Economics), Indiana University at Bloomington, 2004

Assistant Professor

Christopher J. Biolsi, PhD (Economics), University of Houston, 2015

Juan S. Leguizamon, PhD (Economics), West Virginia University, 2011

Susane Leguizamon, PhD (Economics), West Virginia University, 2010

Stephen L. Locke, PhD (Economics), University of Kentucky, 2013

Economics Courses

ECON 400G   Issues in Capital Market Economics    3 Hours

Exposure to current economic theory and evidence related to capital markets with emphasis on public policy, the interplay with the macroeconomy, stock price variability, internationalization, and other related topics.
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015

ECON 410G   Seminar in Economics    1-3 Hours (repeatable max of 9 hrs)

Special topics in economics of current interest.
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015; summer 2015; fall 2015; winter 2017; spring 2017; fall 2017

ECON 420G   Public Finance    3 Hours

A study of the economic effects of taxation and government spending. Topics include types and incidence of various taxes, policy objectives of taxes and spending, and related issues.
Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2015; spring 2017

ECON 430G   Environmental and Resource Economics    3 Hours

Study of environmental issues and natural resource problems and solutions. Topics include measurements of environmental benefits, property rights, externalities, environmental quality, pollution control, and solid waste management.
Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2015; fall 2016

ECON 434G   The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination    3 Hours

Study of the economic nature, origins, and public policy aimed at addressing poverty and discrimination in the economy. Topics include social security, food stamps, and equal employment opportunity.
Recent Term(s) Offered: winter 2016; spring 2017

ECON 440G   American Industry: Structure, Performance and Policy    3 Hours

Applications of microeconomics to the structure, behavior, and performance of American industry in view of public and private social goals. Coverage includes public policy toward monopoly.
Recent Term(s) Offered: None

ECON 445G   Economics of Healthcare    3 Hours

Health economics studies the unique role that healthcare systems play in the broader area of microeconomics.
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2016

ECON 451G   Games and Strategy    3 Hours

This course is an introduction to game theory analysis. Students will develop the theoretical tools to analyze incentives and strategic behavior in individual and group decision making. Emphasis will be placed on real-world applications and include, but is not limited to, bargaining under perfect and imperfect information, Nash equilibrium, pricing under Oligopoly and auction theory.
Prerequisite(s): Econ 202, 203 and 206 with a grade of "C" or higher.
Recent Term(s) Offered:

ECON 464G   Introduction to Mathematical Economics    3 Hours

The application of mathematics to economic analysis covering functions, optimization techniques, differential and difference matrix algebra, and game theory.
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015; spring 2016; spring 2017

ECON 465G   Regression and Econometric Analysis    3 Hours

Presents the use of statistical methods in measuring and testing economic relationships. Emphasizes the use of ordinary least squares in estimating single equation models. Topics included are dummy variables, lagged variables, and classic regression problems.
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015; fall 2015; spring 2016; fall 2016; spring 2017; fall 2017

ECON 475G   Urban and Regional Economics    3 Hours

Considers the economic relationships between economic and political units in the U.S. Emphasis is on applied analysis dealing with characteristics of a region, the urban center, and employment.
Recent Term(s) Offered: None

ECON 491G   History of Economic Thought    3 Hours

The origin and development of economic thought with emphasis on the contribution of political economy to the behavioral sciences.
Recent Term(s) Offered: None

ECON 496G   International Monetary Economics    3 Hours

A systematic analysis of monetary aspects of international trade and finance.
Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2017

ECON 501   Survey of Economic Theory    3 Hours

An overview of basic concepts in micro and macroeconomics. Topics include price and output decisions, cost concepts, aggregate income, the price level, and related areas.
Equivalent(s): BA 501.
Recent Term(s) Offered: None

ECON 502   Applied Microeconomic Theory    3 Hours

Fundamental concepts useful for analysis of firm, public policy, and individual decisions. Topics include demand and supply, revenue and costs, pricing, and information and uncertainty.
Equivalent(s): BA 511.
Prerequisite(s): BA 501 or the equivalent.
Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2015; fall 2016; fall 2017

ECON 503   Applied Macroeconomic Theory    3 Hours

Fundamental concepts dealing aggregate economic activity in the U.S. Topics include measurement, consumption, saving and investment, long term growth, business cycles, monetary and fiscal policy, and basic forecasting ideas.
Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2015; fall 2016; fall 2017

ECON 505   Economics for Teachers    3 Hours

Basic concepts and topics dealing with the functioning of a market oriented economic system and the U.S. economy.
Recent Term(s) Offered: summer 2015; summer 2016; summer 2017

ECON 506   Applied Statistical Methods    3 Hours

Introduction to applied statistics for decision making and research including analysis of variance, process control, experimental design, regression, and forecasting, as well as useful software and data sources.
Equivalent(s): BA 540.
Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2015; fall 2016; fall 2017

ECON 507   Data Methods in Economics    3 Hours

Students will learn how to import/export data in variety formats into SAS and other statistical software, use real-time data from the internet, automate data import/export tasks, create summary reports from data with publication-quality graphics, construct data queries from multiple data sources using multiple conditions, create interactive digital graphs. Students will study application of econometric techniques in variety of environments.
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015; spring 2016; spring 2017

ECON 530   Economic Policy    3 Hours

Survey course designed to study the moral, social, and economic effects of current and changing government policies regarding the operation of markets.
Recent Term(s) Offered: None

ECON 532   Topics in Microeconomics    3 Hours

Discussion and application of current and developing topics in microeconomics. Specific topics vary.
Prerequisite(s): ECON 502 and ECON 506 or consent of the instructor.
Recent Term(s) Offered: None

ECON 571   Public Policy Economics    3 Hours

Application of economic concepts and methods to the study of public policy. Topics include externalities, regulation, cost-benefit analysis, political markets, and macroeconomic influences on voting.
Equivalent(s): BA 571.
Prerequisite(s): ECON 502 and ECON 506.
Recent Term(s) Offered: None

ECON 585   Topics in Macroeconomics    3 Hours

Discussion of current areas of research in macroeconomic/monetary fields. Specific content will vary by semester and instructor.
Prerequisite(s): ECON 503, ECON 506, or equivalent.
Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2015

ECON 594   Forecasting    3 Hours

Methods of forecasting changes in the U.S. economy and other economic units. Emphasis on application and evaluation of different techniques.
Equivalent(s): BA 543.
Prerequisite(s): BA 540 or ECON 506.
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015; summer 2015; spring 2016; spring 2017

ECON 595   Labor and Human Resource Economics    3 Hours

Study of static and dynamic models of labor demand, supply, and human capital investment.
Equivalent(s): BA 544.
Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2016

ECON 596   Applied Economics Project    3,6 Hours

An end of program course in which students select a topic, apply appropriate economic literature, concepts, and methods and report their findings in writing and in an oral presentation.
Prerequisite(s): Completion of at least 24 hours of program hours.
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015; summer 2015; fall 2015; spring 2016; summer 2016; fall 2016; spring 2017; summer 2017; fall 2017

ECON 597   Practicum in Economics    3 Hours (repeatable max of 6 hrs)

A directed, supervised practicum or internship with a business or government agency utilizing the skills developed in the program.
Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor.
Recent Term(s) Offered: winter 2017

ECON 598   Independent Study Economics    3 Hours (repeatable max of 9 hrs)

Selected topics in economics.
Recent Term(s) Offered: winter 2015; fall 2015; spring 2016; spring 2017; fall 2017

ECON 599   Thesis Research/Writing    1-6 Hours (repeatable max of 6 hrs)

Thesis research and writing directed by faculty committee.
Grade Mode: Pass/Fail
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015

ECON 600   Maintaining Matriculation    1-6 Hours (repeatable max of 6 hrs)

Continued enrollment for thesis completion.
Grade Mode: Non-graded
Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2015; summer 2015; fall 2015; spring 2016; summer 2016; fall 2016; spring 2017; summer 2017