School Psychology, Specialist in Education (147)


Program Coordinator

Carl L. Myers,, (270) 745-4410

School psychologists are members of teams that strive to enhance students’ ability to learn in public school systems.  The program uses knowledge and skills from the fields of psychology and education to provide specialized preparation to engage in a variety of roles related to special education services, data collection and analysis, consultation, crisis preparedness and response, mental health services, and academic and behavioral interventions.  The program emphasizes the application of knowledge through supervised experiences in the psychology department’s clinic and through practicum and internship placements in the public schools.  After the required coursework, a 1200-hour (minimum) internship must be completed.

Program Admission

Applicants should have at least 12 semester hours of coursework in Psychology; a minimum score of 142 or equivalent1 on both the Verbal and Quantitative scales on the Graduate Record Examination General Test; a minimum GRE writing score of 3.5; and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. Applicants should send three letters of recommendation, a psychology department application form and the graduate application form to the Graduate School. Beyond these stated minimum requirements, selection is competitive. A criminal background check, TB test, and physical exam will be required of successful applicants during the first semester of graduate study at the applicant’s expense.


All admitted students must separately qualify for admission to professional education, including meeting the standardized test score requirements found on the CEBS Teacher Admissions web page. Students whose GRE scores do not meet the professional education minimums may qualify for admission by submitting qualifying scores on the CASE. For more information, contact the school psychology program coordinator.

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (67 hours)

Required Courses
PSY 510Advanced Educational Psychology3
PSY 511Psychology of Learning3
PSY 514Program Evaluation3
PSY 519Psychological Perspectives on Classroom Behavior3
PSYS 521Advanced Child Developmental Psychology3
or FACS 577 Child Development Theory and Research
PSY 540Behavior Problems of Childhood and Adolescence3
PSY 541Professional Issues and Ethics in Psychology3
PSY 545Clinical Child Psychology: Theory and Practice3
PSY 560Assessment of Individual Intellectual Functioning:Theories and Issues3
PSY 561Advanced Assessment in Educational Settings3
PSY 562Practicum in Psychological Assessment6
PSYS 512Analysis of Variance3
or EDFN 501 Educational Statistics
PSY 625Seminar in School Psychology3
PSY 592Psychology Internship6
PSY 641Theories of Psychotherapy3
PSY 643Academic Assessment and Intervention3
PSY 645Consultation in Educational and Mental Health Settings: Theory and Practice3
PSY 662Practicum in Psychology4
PSY 699Specialist Project6
Total Hours67