Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Secondary Education, Rank II (0432)

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Program Coordinator

Andrea Paganelli,, (270) 745-4420

This non-degree program is designed to develop Teacher Leaders who can positively impact student learning in their classrooms and schools. Courses and experiences include Professional Learning Communities in which students interact with other graduate students from various content areas and grade levels to discuss and work on real world challenges and promising practices they encounter in schools. The program is divided into two instructional components.

The first component, Professional Education, provides advanced level pedagogy, leadership, and content related to Kentucky Teacher Standards and applicable to all P-12 teachers working in the wide gamut of developmental levels and content areas.

The second component, Specialization, directs the candidate into an individual program in content, pedagogy, and/or areas of professional growth concurrent with the goals of each candidate.


  • Agriculture (KAG)
  • Art (KAR)
  • Biology (KBI)
  • Business and Marketing Education (KBU)
  • English and Allied Language Arts (KEN)
  • Environmental Education (KEV)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (KFA)
  • French (KFR)
  • German (KGR)
  • Gifted Education Endorsement (KE37)
  • Health Education (KHE)
  • Industrial Sciences (KIT)
  • Kentucky Computer Technology (KCT)
  • Mathematics (KMA)
  • Music Education (KMU)
  • Physical Education (KPE)
  • Social Studies (KSS)
  • Spanish (KSP)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language Endorsement (KE36)

Program Admission

Applicants must have or be eligible for a teaching certificate1 for Secondary Education (Grades 8-12, 5-12, or P-12).

Graduate School Admission

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (33-39 hours)

During the first course in the program, TCHL 500, students will complete an assessment process that will be used in determining which TCHL core courses they must take. Students are expected to enroll in TCHL 500 at the beginning of their program and in TCHL 560 toward the end, and in general, students should complete the professional education core (the TCHL courses except TCHL 560) as early as possible. Students should consult with their advisors regarding the optimal sequence of course work to meet their professional goals. An Action Research Project for Teacher Leaders focusing on a classroom, school, or district issue is the capstone for the completion of the program.

Required Courses
Professional Education Core
TCHL 500Foundations of Teacher Leadership 13
TCHL 530Curriculum Development3
TCHL 545Classroom Instruction Strategies 23
TCHL 555School and Classroom Assessment 23
TCHL 559Capstone Project Design for Teacher Leadership1
TCHL 560Capstone Project for Teacher Leadership3
Mid-Point Assessment Requirements
To ensure master's candidates are proficient on Advanced Level Teacher Standards, it is recommended that a majority of the Critical Performances associated with the above TCHL courses be completed prior to the Specialization Component. Students must achieve an average of 3.0 on all Critical Performances and an average score of 3 on dispositions even though a candidate's program of studies does not include the courses. Additional course work may be required based on the assessment results.
Specialization Component17-23
Advisor-approved content-specific courses (6 hrs)
Advisor-approved education course (3 hrs)
Additional Electives (8-14 hrs) 3
Total Hours33-39

Program Completion Requirements

  • Successfully complete TCHL 560 (Course grade of C or higher).
  • Give acceptable presentation of action research in an approved venue.
  • Achieve a minimum 2.5 GPA in course work.