Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Middle Grades Education, Rank I (158)

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Program Coordinator

Janet L. Tassell,, (270) 745-5306

Program Contact
Rachael Lee,, (270) 745-2819

This non-degree program leads to eligibility for Rank I.


  • Environmental Education (KEV)
  • Gifted Education Endorsement (KE37)
  • Kentucky Computer Technology (KCT)
  • Middle Grades English (K30)
  • Middle Grades Math (K71)
  • Middle Grades Science (K50)
  • Middle Grades Social Studies (K20)
  • Teaching English as a Second Language Endorsement (KE36)

Program Admission

Graduate School Admission

Please refer to the admission section of this catalog for Graduate School admission requirements.

Program Requirements (30 hours)

This program requires 30 semester hours in addition to the requirements for a Planned Fifth-Year program, or 60 semester hours including a master's degree.

Required Courses
Professional Education Component
EDU 601Seminar: Advanced Professional Development Plan 11
ELED 603Advanced Seminar Elementary Curriculum3
EDU 604Management Learning Environment3
SPED 516The Exceptional Child: Perspectives and Issues 23
EDU 698Seminar: Advanced Portfolio Project 32
Advisor-approved professional courses6
Advisor-approved specialization courses12
Total Hours30

 Students should enroll in EDU 601 within the first 7 hours of course work in the Non-Degree Planned Rank I or Specialist Degree.


 An approved elective may be substituted if an introductory Exceptional Education course is on the student's transcript.


 Students should enroll in EDU 698 after completing at least 24 hours of course work in the Non-Degree Planned Rank I or Specialist Degree.