Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Floodplain Management, Certificate (1763)

Program Coordinator

Warren Campbell, warren.campbell@wku.edu, (270) 745-8988

Program Requirements (14 hours)

This certificate has been coordinated with the Geography and Geology Department and with the Kentucky Association of Mitigation Managers. The Floodplain Management certificate requires completion of at least 13 semester hours taken by all students. The certificate provides students with basic knowledge and skills needed to implement and administer flood mitigation and recovery programs. Students develop familiarity with federal floodplain management regulations, the National Flood Insurance Program, hydrology, surveying, and tools such as Geographic Information Systems that are critical to administering an aggressive floodplain management program. Completion of the certificate requires familiarity with all aspects of floodplain management and with the impacts of floods on individuals, on property, and on regional or national economics. Students successfully completing the program are encouraged to take the Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) exam. The CFM is a nationally recognized certification and is considered a desirable qualification by many employers. 
Required Courses
CE 160Principles of Surveying3
CE 161Principles of Surveying Lab1
CE 300Floodplain Management3
CE 461Hydrology3
GISC 316Fundamentals of GIS4
or GEOG 310 Global Hydrology
or GEOL 310 Global Hydrology
Total Hours14