Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Middle Grades Mathematics, Bachelor of Science (730P, 730)

Department website: http://www.wku.edu/math

Program Coordinator

Patrick T. Brown, patrick.brown@wku.edu, (270) 745-6247

A major in middle grades mathematics is for students who plan to teach mathematics in grades 5-9 only.  The degree requires a second major in Science and Mathematics education (reference number 774). Upon successful completion of both majors, the student will receive a Bachelor of Science degree.

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to declare a 730 middle grades mathematics major will initially be designated as “seeking admission” until the following requirements have been satisfied:

  • Complete 3 of the following with a “C” or better in each course: MATH 136MATH 183MATH 205MATH 206MATH 302.
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 in all middle grades mathematics program courses (MATH 136 and above) completed prior to admission.
  • Note: If a course is repeated, then the second grade is used to compute the GPA. If a course is repeated multiple times, then the average of all grades after the first attempt is used to compute the GPA.

Program Requirements (34 hours)

A baccalaureate degree requires a minimum of 120 unduplicated semester hours. More information can be found at www.wku.edu/registrar/degree_certification.php.

Students who began WKU in the Fall 2014 and thereafter should review the Colonnade requirements located at: https://www.wku.edu/colonnade/colonnaderequirements.php.

MATH 136Calculus I4
MATH 183Introductory Statistics3
or STAT 301 Introductory Probability and Applied Statistics
MATH 205Number Systems and Number Theory for Teachers3
MATH 206Fundamentals of Geometry for Teachers3
MATH 302Introduction to Advanced Mathematics for Middle Grades Teachers3
or MATH 310 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MATH 304Functions, Applications and Explorations3
MATH 308Rational Numbers and Data Analysis for Teachers3
MATH 403Geometry for Elementary and Middle School Teachers3
or MATH 323 Geometry I
MATH 411Problem Solving for Elementary and Middle School Teachers3
or MATH 421 Problem Solving for Secondary Teachers
MATH 413Algebra and Technology for Middle Grades Teachers3
MATH 490Seminar in Middle Grades Mathematics3
or MATH 498 Senior Seminar
Total Hours34

Students must attain a grade of “C” or better in each required course and must have a 2.5 GPA overall in required mathematics courses.

Finish in Four Plan

First Year
MATH 1364MATH 1833
SMED 1013MATH 2053
ENG 1003SMED 1023
Colonnade: Natural & Physical Sciences3COMM 1453
Colonnade: Arts & Humanities3Colonnade: Social & Behavioral3
 16 15
Second Year
MATH 3023MATH 2063
MATH 3083MATH 3043
SMED 3103SMED 3203
ENG 2003Colonnade: Natural & Physical Sciences with Lab3
World Language, if needed OR General Elective3World Language, if needed OR General Elective3
 15 15
Third Year
MATH 4113MATH 4033
MATH 4133SMED 3603
SMED 3403ENG 3003
Colonnade: Connections (Social & Cultural)3Colonnade: Connections (Local to Global)3
 15 15
Fourth Year
MATH 4903SMED 4893
SMED 4703MGE 49010
Colonnade: Connections (Systems)3 
 16 13
Total Hours 120