Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Astronomy, Minor (318)

Program Requirements (19-20 hours)

The minor in astronomy is designed to provide a background in astronomy for students with a range of backgrounds. Science majors can choose from a variety of specializations connecting to other fields (Option A below), such as astrobiology, astrochemistry, astrostatistics, or planetary science. Students in other disciplines may still obtain a firm grounding in basic astronomy and physics, supplemented with relevant courses from other fields (Option B below.

A minor in astronomy consists of 19-20 credit hours.

Option A

Option A: Required Courses
ASTR 214General Astronomy4
ASTR 314Observational Astronomy4
Option A: Electives 112
Students choose a specialization area that interests them and take a minimum of two courses (at least 6 hours) from this area , plus enough other courses from the list of general elective courses to reach the 20 hour program option requirement.
Total Hours20

Option A: Special Elective Courses (6+ hours)

Astrophysics: ASTR 305, ASTR 414, PHYS 321, PHYS 350

Astrochemistry: ASTR 305, CHEM 340, CHEM 342, CHEM 420, CHEM 450, CHEM 452

Astrobiology: ASTR 305, BIOL 316, BIOL 319

Astronomical Instrumentation: ASTR 305, EE 445, EE 479

Astrostatistics: ASTR 305, STAT 301, STAT 330

Planetary Science: ASTR 305, GEOL 325, GEOL 330, GEOL 430, GEOL 465, METR 438, METR 439

Option A: General Elective Courses

ASTR 305, ASTR 414, PHYS 180, PHYS 231, PHYS 255, PHYS 265, PHYS 321, PHYS 332, PHYS 465

Option B

Option B: Required Courses
ASTR 314Observational Astronomy4
Choose two of the following courses:6
Light, Color and Vision
Astronomy of the Solar System
Astronomy of Stellar Systems
Option B: Electives9
Students choose three unduplicated courses from the following list:
Introduction to Astrobiology
Intercultural Communication
Internship in Physics and Astronomy
Interpreting America's National Parks
ASTR 104, ASTR 106, and PHYS 103 may apply if not used in Option B: Required Courses.
Total Hours19

Students may petition the department to replace one of the above elective course with a different 3-hour course with a demonstrable connection to astronomy. The minor must include at least 10 credit hours at the 300-level or above.