Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Neuroscience, Minor (434)

Program Requirements (21 hours)

The minor in Neuroscience offers students the opportunity to study the intersection of brain and behavior in a manner that incorporates tools and perspectives from the psychological and biological sciences, and related disciplines. This minor will be an attractive option for students who are:

  1. Planning to pursue advanced study in any of several fields related to neuroscience, including psychology, biology, medicine, counseling, or social work or
  2. Seeking relevant training for jobs related to the assessment, rehabilitation, and treatment of brain damage, brain diseases, and addiction.
PSYS 360Behavioral Neuroscience3
BIOL 335Neurobiology3
Select 15 credit hours in electives from the following courses:15
Principles of Human and Animal Learning
Cognitive Psychology
Sensory and Perceptual Systems
Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience
Evolutionary Psychology
Psychology of Sexuality
Introduction to Molecular and Cell Biology
Animal Behavior
Biochemistry I
Philosophy of Mind: Minds and Machines
Total Hours21

Note: Students must choose at least 1 course from Biology and Psychological Sciences. Students must take PSYS 100 or PSYS 160 and BIOL 120/BIOL 121 prior to beginning their coursework in the minor (some courses available for the minor may have additional prerequisites).