Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Organizational Leadership, MA (0467)

Program Coordinator

Gary W. Houchens,, (270) 745-4999

The Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership is designed to meet needs of diverse students by providing professional education that is broadly based upon knowledge and research from business, communication, organizational functions, psychology, political science, and aspects of leadership to include theories, approaches, models, and constructs. The program emphasizes application: students have the opportunity to develop and refine leadership skills applicable to a variety of modern organizations within both the public and private sector. (Electives outside pre-approved curriculum may be utilized within the degree program with prior approval of the faculty).

Program Admission

Students seeking admission to the MA in Organizational Leadership must have:

  • an earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university or college;
  • minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75.

Students who have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university or college with an overall GPA of 2.5 to 2.74 may apply for conditional admission.  

Program Requirements (30 hours)

Required Courses
LEAD 500Effective Leadership Studies3
LEAD 560Applied Research Methods in Organizational Leadership3
or EDFN 500 Research Methods
LEAD 525Leadership Ethics3
LEAD 540Leading Teams3
or LEAD 565 Leadership Coaching within Organizations
LEAD 580Leading Organizations3
LEAD 600Capstone in Leadership Experience3
Select 12 hours from the following: 112
Organizational Change
Leadership in Global Context
Leadership Coaching within Organizations
Leadership Special Topics
Contemporary Issues in Leadership
Introduction to Facilitating Change in Adults
How Adults Change
Facilitating Change Agency in Adults
Program Planning for Adults and Learning Organizations
Instructional Design Foundations
Systematic Instructional Design
Informatics in Education
Survey of Educational Technology Practices
Principles of Educational Technology Applications
Educational Technology Production
Integration of Educational Technology
Emerging Technology in Education
Educational Technology Leadership
Issues in Nonprofit Administration
Fiscal Administration in the Nonprofit Sector
Nonprofit Practicum
Practicum in Recreation and Sport
Facility and Event Security Management
Practicum in Interscholastic Sport
Governance in Intercollegiate Athletics
Compliance in Intercollegiate Athletics
Survey of Business Sustainability Issues
Sustainable Business Operations
Sustainability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
Sustainability Marketing
Career Development in Student Affairs and Higher Education
Testing Internship
Advanced Career Counseling and Services Administration
Developmental Career Counseling
Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals
College and Career Readiness Foundations
College and Career Consultation & Collaboration
College and Career Program Development & Evaluation
Practicum in College and Career Readiness
Introduction to Student Affairs in Higher Education
International Students and Services in Higher Education
Student Development in Higher Education
Parameters of Law in Student Affairs and Higher Education
Emergency Management Policy and Practices
Understanding Natural and Technological Disaster Risks
Terrorism, Violence, Resiliency, and Response
Advanced Disaster Planning, Management, and Preparedness
Trends in Disaster Preparedness and Management
MBA Foundation Modules
Managerial Accounting
Advanced Managerial Finance
Advanced Organizational Behavior
Advanced Marketing
Survey of Accounting Principles
Special Topics in Business
Resource Management
Quality Management
Social and Cultural Diversity in Counseling
Leadership and Administration in Student Affairs
Global Leadership Communication
Multinational Organizational Communication
Research Methods
Perspectives in Aging
Policy Foundations of Aging Services
Women and Leadership
Health Care Organization and Management
Elements of Public Administration
Public Service Ethics
Human Resources Management in Public Administration
Total Hours30