Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Agricultural Economics (AGEC)

AGEC 463G    Agricultural Finance    3 Hours

Farm finance problems including capital requirements, investment decisions, budgeting techniques, etc. Lending agencies and alternative means of acquiring capital.

Prerequisite(s): AGEC 361 or permission of instructor

Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2021; fall 2022; spring 2023

AGEC 468G    World Food Development    3 Hours

Problems and opportunities in feeding an ever-increasing population. Assessment of world food production, poverty, businesses and cultures; ways of increasing production.

Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2022

AGEC 561    Agricultural Production and Economics    3 Hours

Production and cost functions, programming and decision-making principles and their application to agriculture.

Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2021; spring 2023

AGEC 671    Advanced Agribusiness    3 Hours

Economic principles, marketing, management, and accounting techniques necessary for a profit-maximizing agribusiness venture. Students will follow steps of the disciplined entrepreneurship process to create an agribusiness venture. Comprehensive strategic planning for new or existing agribusinesses.

Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2022; spring 2023

AGEC 675    Advanced Topics Agricultural Economics    3 Hours

No course description is available

Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2021