Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Spanish (SPAN)

SPAN 470G    Advanced Oral Spanish    3 Hours

Conversation units, dramatic sketches, original oral topics.

Prerequisite(s): SPAN 370

Course Fee: $7

Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2021

SPAN 471G    Advanced Spanish Composition    3 Hours

Examination of selected literary works; original compositions on selected topics.

Prerequisite(s): SPAN 371

Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2019

SPAN 476G    20th Century Spain    3 Hours

Chronological study of the culture of Spain through literary masterpieces of the present century. Ideas and characteristics of cultural and literary periods in Spain and approaches to literary texts will be discussed.

Recent Term(s) Offered: None

SPAN 490G    Hispanic Cinema    3 Hours

Introduces students to the cinematic work of Latin American, Spanish and US-Hispanic-Latino film artists and develops critical interpretative skills that enhance appreciation of films.

Recent Term(s) Offered: None

SPAN 499G    Advanced Studies in Spanish    1-4 Hours (repeatable max of 6 hrs)

Guided independent study in culture, language, or literature. May be used with consent of full-time program faculty members for work accomplished during study abroad. Number of credit hours will be determined in consultation with instructor.

Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor

Recent Term(s) Offered: None

SPAN 555    Topics in Hispanic Literature and Culture    3 Hours (repeatable max of 6 hrs)

This course will examine different literary and cultural topics of interest in Hispanic studies.

Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2019; spring 2020; fall 2020; spring 2021

SPAN 578    Seminar: Hispanic Literature or Language    3 Hours (repeatable max of 6 hrs)

No course description is available

Recent Term(s) Offered: None