Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Legal Studies (LS)

LS 495    Senior Seminar in Legal Studies    3 Hours

A capstone course designed for Legal Studies B.A. program majors. Integrates concepts and approaches learned during study of legal systems. Engages students and faculty in sustained consideration of significant questions and debates in legal studies.

Restriction(s): Students with a semester level of Academy Junior, Academy Senior, Freshman, Junior or Sophomore may not enroll.

Recent Term(s) Offered: None

LS 498    Internship in Legal Studies    1-3 Hours (repeatable max of 3 hrs)

Practical out-of-classroom experience in a supervised work situation with a cooperating business, industry, social or governmental agency emphasizing application of advanced knowledge and skills in legal studies.

Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor

Recent Term(s) Offered: None