Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

College: Health & Human Serv (CHHS)

CHHS 100    Introduction to Child Welfare    3 Hours

This course introduces concepts of child welfare and child protection using an interdisciplinary lens. It encourages collaboration with a variety of professionals across disciplines, including criminal justice, psychology, sociology, social work, education, and health sciences. Colonnade/Statewide General Education Code E-SB | SB

Recent Term(s) Offered: fall 2022

CHHS 175    University Experience – Health and Human Services    3 Hours

Transition to university experience. Topics include study skills, critical thinking skills, library education, campus resources, and personal development. Special emphasis on careers and degree programs related to the fields of health and human services. Field trips may be required; students responsible for own transportation. Note: For beginning college freshman or transfer students with fewer than 24 hours of degree credit.

Recent Term(s) Offered: None