Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Safety (SFTY)

SFTY 171    Safety and First Aid    1 Hour

The course is designed to prepare students to provide immediate and temporary care in emergency situations involving accidents or sudden illness. The symptoms and appropriate first aid for shock, wounds, heart problems, fractures, heat and cold injuries, poisons, and proper methods of transportation will be covered. The course is applicable to all students, especially those pursuing a teaching career where they will be responsible for other students entrusted to their supervision and care.

Course Fee: $10

Recent Term(s) Offered: spring 2021; fall 2021; spring 2022; fall 2022; spring 2023; fall 2023

SFTY 270    General Safety    3 Hours

Introduction to the history of safety in America. Examines steps involved in analyzing the causes and prevention of accidents. Emphasizes programs designed to educate the student in general safety concepts and principles, and an overview of statistical analysis, theories, and models used in hazard pre-planning and post-incident analysis and/or mitigation. Major topics include traffic, home, recreational, fire, and occupational safety.

Recent Term(s) Offered: None

SFTY 271    Emergency Care and Transportation    6 Hours

Students will learn how to evaluate, provide emergency care, and properly move and transport ill or injured people utilizing equipment available in an ambulance. Successful completion of this course and a skills evaluation leads to certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Recent Term(s) Offered: None